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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Would you try posing nude for a figure drawing class to earn money? -

Would you try posing nude for a figure drawing class to earn money? If you were given an opportunity, would you do it? I think I would, if given an opportunity. I tried emailing a couple of art professors at the comm. college where I work part-time. I ve thought about several other colleges. What do you think? Any advice? ________I ve done it most of my adult life. It s a great part time gig.. lets you hang round creative people and pays better then most part time jobs. I ve even did some modeling for free, especially if I had a lot of paying gigs. It s like a karma thing for me. I d say give it a try, you might just find out you find it rewarding and enjoyable. The students/artists will appreciate it. I think I ve been thanked 9 out of 10 times I work with a group Besides, the art profs, I d check out for your area.. especially the artist s community and creative gigs sections. I get about half my bookings from there. Good luck! Duh, I just noticed your nickname here. You ll find art modeling is a great extension to dance. I can imagine you will come up with some great poses that fat old men like me can only dream of pulling off.________Hi. I went to an art school where we drew from live (mostly nude) models for four hours a day and painted from them another four hours a day. So, we were constantly around many nude people. It was fantastic as a student and I never saw any problems with people being inappropriate with the models. Of course, there has to be a person in charge who sets the tone and makes sure any problems are dealt with. So, if you are interested, that s what I would look for -- a teacher or a coordinator who is good about keeping things professional and organized. You will find that the hardest part is probably not going to be taking your clothes off in front of people, but rather learning what poses you can hold. But that comes with experience. Sometimes you ll be doing very short poses; sometimes the same for hours. (Breaks normally every 20 minutes for five or ten minutes.) The short poses are usually more active, dramatic poses, the long ones necessarily have to be more comfortable and static. If you re interested, I say give it a try. I can tell you from a student s perspective, that it is a thrill to have a model who is really into it, who gives off a certain energy; it makes the whole process more exciting. EDIT: OMG, No, posing for an art class in NOTHING like working in a strip bar, for Christ s sake. That answer comes from someone with no experience in a life drawing class. Please ignore it if you haven t already.________I have done this since High School. I take real issue with the answerer who thinks that modeling for a life class has any resemblance to being a stripper. Obviously he has no concept of art and is over experienced in night clubs. I d say contact any and all colleges as well as artists groups and see if you can get on their rotation. Not only is it a great way to make some money, it is a very selfless thing to do in helping people exercise their creativity while honoring the uniqueness and beauty of the human form. ________Being a nude model is a beautiful thing, and kudos to you for wanting to try it. Just a couple of things to consider: first, don t expect to be paid all that much. Any artistic venues, be it a college, theater, or drawing school, generally have notoriously low budgets when it comes to hiring people. Second, I highly suggest that before you take a modeling job, that you practice posing in one place, without moving, for at least 15-30 minutes at a time, so you get used to being still. You would be surprised at how difficult it is to do that...I tried modeling once for an art major friend for 45 minutes, sitting on the top of my sofa, and even though I could watch TV while I was posing, I still had trouble staying perfectly still for all that time. It would have been even harder in a quiet environment. Third, make sure that money isn t your only motivation for doing this. As with any job, you will fare much better if you have some real appreciation for nude art, before you start posing for it. Do a google search online and find some nude art to study...there are some great sites out there. Good luck!________i definatly agree with the last person. and posing is deinatly not like stripping. and if you pose you dont even have to have a great body. as an artist i like to see people with different body types. and it is in no way innapropriate. ive never seen anyone give a model a hard time. depending on how long you pose for you could get paid a good amount too. i take an artistic anatomy class and we have the same model every week for 6 hours a day. you get breaks. and depending on how good you are at keeping a pose and being able to pose for a longer period of time they may ask you to come more often. (20 minutes usually. if its any longer you usually get a break and then do the same pose again for another 20)________I have done it before its worth trying and the jitters go away after a couple of minutes. What colleges are you considering posing at? I say do it you won t regret it plus you can ask an artist to give you their painting or drawing to keep.________I would do it. I have taken a life drawing class as an elective and it was a fun class, you better your drawing skills and there are no sexual references. ________I think you should do it I have done it twice and I have drawn nude models before it s a very safe and friendly environment. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.________to earn money yeah you should then. hard times suck do what you can... ________You might as well pose nude at a night club if your willing to get paid for people staring at your naked body. I am sure you will get paid a lot more than posing nude at an art class.

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