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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What do royal families do? How do they earn money? -

Do they work like a non governmental organizations? Do government provide money to them?________The Governemnt does not fund the royal family. Nor any other organisation. The royal families of the world are major land owners. ALL of them. The british queen owns most of the coutnry. Including regent s street. She is a landlord. A very big, Very successful landlord. That s how they earn money. As for functions, those are numerous and change from coutnry to coutnry - that includes england-scotland. You would have to look that up on an indevidiual basis. The birtish queen is, by the way, the owner and master of the ROYAL army, ROYAL navy and ROYAL airforce.________The royal owned fighting servaces :P Hence the british royals join up. Report Abuse ________It depends-- the Royals in England seem to be different from the Royals in Monaco or Scandinavian countries. Those Grimaldis in Monaco seem to live off the fat of the gambling industry and do nothing except live the playboy/playgirl lifestyle. The Mountbatten-Windsors seem to have been pressed into public service a bit more by joining the Navy and the Air Force. Even Queen Elizabeth got her hands dirty during WW2 as a mechanic. The Scandis seem to lead low profile lives, probably because the populations of those countries are smaller than NYC. Naturally, regular slobs foot the bill.________They all have old money. And lots of it. The control more than you could imagine. They own major parts of this planet.________taxes. they are the gov t. the form is a monarchy. be glad you re not in one.________They own a lot of the land and resources that the land has, it is inherited with the title.________The royal family in around the 1600 s etc used to govern the country with support of the Parliament. However this has changed over the years and now i believe they only sign the bills that are passed in Parliament and therefore it will only take place if the Queen/King agrees. They earn money from the population tax so the country pay for the royal family to exist. As regards to the royal navy/army it just means that they are loyal to the Queen/King and are a standing army for the protection of that country rather than that state/province.________yes the common man pays

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