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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What are some real ways to earn money as a teenager? -

I dont know enough people with kids and I dont know other than an allowance how to earn any money.________newspaper routes lawn care pet sitting and walking car washes busing tables in local restaurants stocking shelves in grocery stores putting ads on bulletin boards for odd jobs bicycle deliveries doing chores for seniors and handicapped ( cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.) washing windows babysitting tutoring younger students shovelling snow putting up lights and yard displays at Christmas sell Regal hold garage sales set up a table at farmer markets and sell baking, crafts, etc. arena s and fair grounds hire kids to clean the stands after events________Paper route, lawn care, car wash/cleaning, child sitting....________ will make you some money .you do absolutely nothing. the website does the work________Yard work is a great way to work on a summer tan, and earn some extra cash. Weeding, trimming etc. Also pet sitting or dog walking can be good ways. Try a paper route, you have to be up early, but could be worth it.________oh my gosh there are lots of things you can do..but you did not say how old you are. Babysitting, lawnmowing, lifeguarding at your local pool, then of course there are places like McDonalds, restaurants, diffrent stores. WHatever you do you should give it your best, be polite, always on time to work, and respect those you work with.________You could house sit or walk someone s dogs. That always pays some money. Offer to do some raking for your parents or your neighbor. There s always being a cashier at the local store. Of course, you might want to consider this before hand, since they re usually underpaid and overworked.

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