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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I have a great phone voice, how can I earn money with my voice? -

I have always been told I have a great voice. Smooth, pleasant, kinda sexy. I want to earn a living with it. How do I get started doing voices for comercials or other? How else can I make money with my voice. I do not match my voice physically as I am under 5 foot and not photogenic.________An Introduction to the Voiceover Industry (UK) quot;Although the industry is very competitive, there is still need for new voices with unique native accents, multi-lingual abilities or from ethnic backgrounds.quot; quot;Question What is the best advice for a total novice interested in getting into voice over workquot; Answer at the experts site below Voice Over Agencies (UK) the voice over marketplace - job postings looking for voice over work (US) Such A Voice quot;Here you will find all of the tools that you need to get your voice-over career in motion.quot; (US)________be a d.j or a call center agent!________Unless you wanna be a phone sexer or a telemarketer, I d give Alpha the points. Good answer.________If you want a serious answer, start a Podcast. I did it 15 weeks ago and have had over 8,000 visitors of which over 400 have subscribed to get it every week. Then come up with a way to monitize your effort with affiliate programs or selling advertising.________www.keen.com________Phone sex is your best bet. Or become a telemarketer. I hate them.________Phone sex________it s simple phone sex :-) there s alot of desperate losers out there, get some cash out of them

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