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Friday, September 14, 2007

If i earn money online do I need to claim it on my tax report? -

If i earn money online (from my own website) do I need to claim it on my tax report (I m in Canada)? Cause if I don t claim it, there s no way for them to find out how much (if any) I earned, right?________Any income earned should be reported IF you want to do it legally/ethically/properly. If you do not declare it but get caught later you have to pay not only the taxes but a fine.________Yes of course, you know you can t get away with anything in this country.________Are your customers mailing you cash? No, of course they re not, and of course the government will be able to find out how much you earned.________you said do i NEED to claim it ........NO, like you said, it s from your website and they have no way of knowing.......((word to the wise -- just do not tell anyone that you did not claim it, there are snitches everywhere !!!!!!!!) now, do you have to claim it.....yes, you legally have to claim any INCOME on your canadian return. you connect the dots and make your own decision.________first if you have a website and recieved any money two thing may happen if your web site is in canada you will be taxes since your internet provider will have to make a information sheet to revenu canada telling them about the money coming in , pay pal and all agencies collecting money with internet secure connection have to contact the local tax office in the usa then irs will contact canada also if your website is located on a us carrier the irs may also charge you some taxes then also there is the fact that internet payment companies send your money to a bank account and then it become also a tax so check for sure but yes you will have to declare it if you dont and get caught think of this the fine will be double what you earn plus interest since the first day also you may also go to jail for a minimum of 7 years for income tax evasion to 25 years in jail plus loose everything else________You may or may not NEED to claim it, but you may WANT to. Why? Because when you go to apply for a loan, they want to see your INCOME and that is verified by your tax returns. If you want this income included in the loan decision, you ll need it documented on your tax return.________Yes, since it is an income that you earned.________yes any place as paypal, plunderhere, ebay, any place have to have a form for every month your income is come to you and you have to present in the 199 C FORM have a nice Holidays

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