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Sunday, September 16, 2007

How can I earn money to buy a ferret? -

I really need a pet, but my dad won t buy me one. He says I need to buy it myself. I m 13, and I really need to earn money. How? I already asked three different papers for routes, but they were full. No one close by me has children, so I can t babysit. I am good with animals, but I don t know any dogs to walk or pets to watch. Please help me!!________I have a ferret! They are so FUN! lol Anyway, to answer your question: Clean someone else s yard {Planting, weeding} and ask for a like $3 an hour. hehe Pet sit. {Just ask around} Babysit {Just ask around} Wash a friend s car {for like $3} Vacuum a friends car {For like $3 also} You realize that you probably won t be able to get a ferret for about 8-12 months, right? The ferrets themselves can be around $100.. Then the cage is around 50-100 dollars. Then you have to bu food for them, then toys, then shampoo, then a toothbrush then a litterbox. OH! and most important! SHOTS... It will probably be around $600 when you are done getting everything. Ferrets are also hard work.... READ BEFORE GETTING A FERRET! They will get into everything! I swear! I didn t read and my ferret was very naughty to me. =)) But if you read, you will know what you are getting into... Ferrets are worth it though! Just make sure you get a nice one that doesn t bite {or has been trained not to bite} or you will get of your ferret within the first week because it hurts when they bite. LOL Have fun! =))________Don t get a ferret. Wait till you re an adult to get one. Ferrets are VERY high maintenance pets and require a LOT of attention. What have you learned about ferrets? Do you know they re not like a mouse, rat or guinea pig and can t just be left in a cage all day long - they need several HOURS out of cage time EVERY SINGLE DAY? Do you know that vets that treat ferrets are few and far between? Do you know that once ferrets start to age a number of diseases can show up - cardiomyopathy, adrenal disease, lymphoma, insulinoma - and treating these can be VERY expensive and yet you still lose the ferret within a year or so? Do you know these diseases can even show up as early as two years old? I had one with cardiomyopathy at about 2 1/2 and $1,300 in vet bills later, I lost him within months. Do you know that the majority of ferrets dumped at shelters come from homes where the child wanted the ferret then moved out and left it with the family or ignored it for so long that by the time it made it to the shelter it was nearly dead? I know this because I ve seen in time and time again in all the years I ve volunteered with ferret shelters. Ferrets are NOT a pet to be bought on impulse. And with your dad not wanting to buy you one he sure as hell isn t going to want to buy the cage (around $200) the bedding and supplies (easily another $100) the food (ferrets can t be fed cheap cat food so count on a $20 bag every month or so) Not to mention all the vet bills. So DON T get a ferret!________First of all... You don t NEED a pet. I think the only people that need pets are the ones that need seeing eye dogs and other service animals, but even then, it s more of a luxury. But ferrets are a BIG responsibility. Vet care isn t cheap either, and you d still need to give your ferret yearly vaccinations, and take it to the vet if it gets sick. I would consider getting something like a hamster if I were you. They cost less than $10 most of the time, a good quality cage can cost about $20 - $40, bedding is about $10 for quite a bit, food is normally less than $10 (and it lasted me for the lifetime of TWO of my hamsters!), and chew blocks can be from $1 - $5. So that comes out to about less than $100. Most of the time, cages come with food and water dishes already. While with a ferret, the animal costs at LEAST $100 at pet stores, a good cage can cost anywhere from $80 - $250, and 8 lb bag of a good quality food can be about $25, ear cleaner is about $7, shampoo is about $5, collars are around $5, litter boxes can be as cheap as $3 at Wal Mart, pine chips can be used for litter, and are about $10 for a pretty big bag, yearly vaccinations can be $40 easy, treats can cost $5, a small plastic tub and rice for a dig box can cost $15, then other toys could be well above $20. So that s approx. $400 - and that s going the CHEAP route.________Hi, Ask your dad if you can get a weekly allowance. Tell him that you ll earn the allowance money by doing chores. Save up your allowance until you have enough money. You can also go to an animal shelter and ask if they have any jobs that pay a little bit and all you d have to do is water and feed the animals and sometimes clean their cage. ~Animal Helper~________I would think about getting another kind of pet ferrets expenses all around are VERY EXPENSIVE. I have had my 2 for 10 months and they have already cost $1000 dollars. from all the food, litter, toys and accessories. plus their vet bills are expensive too if they get sick. mine cost me $149 for and exam and prescription for bacteria infection. If I were you i would get another pet or wait till next year when you can get a real job at Chik Fil A or something. I m not being mean just honest. besides petsmart in my town doesn t sell ferrets because too many people kept bringing them back and they have a sign in the small animal section next to the guinea pigs talking about ferrets saying they aren t even recommended until you are 16 because they require A LOT of responsibility________well first off make sure that your dad will help you pay for food or vet if you cant because when school starts you might lack free time to earn money and have to sell it,the extra chores idea is good and see if like neighbors or friends need lawns mowed or chores done and ll need a big cage too.for when summer ends and it will be in there more...hope I helped :)________Chores, ask your dad if you can earn money by doing quot;extrasquot; around the house. If he says no, knock on your neighbors doors and ask them the same. If you are truley determined, nothing can stop you.________Earn money using PTC sites is the best idea. 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