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Friday, September 14, 2007

How do you earn money in GM mode on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007? -

I am losing money fast when I play GM mode, how do I earn money?________dont do lots of specialty matches save them for ppv s and every 2nd week but still maybe 1 or 2 not the hole show. get superstars pop high that way you get lots of money. dont spend do much on contracts________by making matches that will bring in the big crowd and running promotions that advertise Ur show and doing special matches that are sure to please the fans.________try who might have the info you need.________do the same thing on the days your show is not on click it then pick a thing and a person and if its good you will get money.________get every superstar on your brand very high popularity like 100 and run like advertising during matchs________do combos and play the matches________The easest way to win gm mode in smackdown vs raw 2007 is to get 2 really good people and turn injuries off. Then switch it to copy the matches from last week and put all specialty matches and promote and they will have 0 fans buy the end of gm mode________good rosters.. higher everything-HBK Rey or John Cena________EASIEST WAY 2 WIN GM MODE: create a superstar just leave all the deafaults then copy quot;deafaultquot; like 20 times adjust availability roster to only deafualt take every1 else out. then the next week put 10 ppl in and sign them so the other show gets no fans while u get all of them________u know when u choose like the promotinal thing where u can choose a rivlray and stuff look for....advertising bonus and just use that like everytime in ur weeks...try to limit who u sign and dont try to go for the knockout show by puting the best matches on just act like ur the gm of a real show...

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