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Friday, September 14, 2007

How to earn money fast when your 12? -

I am trying to save up for a Sidekick 3 and I need like 300+ dollars. I don t want to babysit and it is starting to get cold where I live so I can t sell lemonade or something like that because no one would but it anyway. Please! I need money really bad right now.________First up, let your parents know that you would like to earn the money to get a Sidekick. That may drum up some ideas for them on things you could do to earn money. After that: - You can buy candy in bulk and sell it door to door.________ya shovel snow 10-15 $ each house that s make a lot of money________Shovel people s driveways when it snows. Or get a paper route.________wash cars,________you almost cant work anywhere most people wont even let you babysit try online surveys________I have no Idea what a Sidekick 3 is, But any hope of getting 300+ dollars at your age is to BUG your parents NUTZ. Suck up to Dad Big Time, Be Lovey-dovey to Mom,If You have Siblings, Be Extremely Nice to them, even if it kills you, And Beg, Beg, Beg. Do it enough and you will win, If only to shut you up.

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