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Friday, September 14, 2007

How do you earn money if your a teen , besides mowing lawns and baby sitting? -

i am 14 year old boy and i dont know how to earn money and ive tried to mow lawns and ive tried to baby sit and they arent fun.________thats kind of it, i mean you could bag grociers at kroger or something or you could ref soccer, basketball. good luck!________You need to find something you know your freinds want and get it at a cheap price and sell it back to them at a profit.You know your friends, try to get what they want you gotta use your brain,don t do nothing illegal just try to stay ahead of them or try to turn them on to something you want to sell them.That s a good start.You are going to be a rich guy.I like how you re trying to think of ways to get money at such a young age.

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