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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How can I earn money freely? -

I want to earn money easily that is by typing on internet and that related________U can do data conversion job. It is conversion of pdf file into ms word doc. To get this home based job thru internet, one should be proficient in ms word and resident of India.________hi this is Nanda Kishore completed my MBA and doing my own business i am from Hyderabad too according to the person who thinks how to increase the time rather than the money he will only get succeed k any more details do u want just contact me k 9885800447 Report Abuse ________Begg random people on the street its easy fast plus you get free punches________go to snap dollars or email cash and do surveys!________Dear stalin, Don t worry if there is any site providing money i ll definetly report you.... untill try manully and come out of dear..________Best, legal and safe way to earn on internet is by joining paid survey sites. Paid survey sites pay you for your opinion on various topics. Don’t pay for any survey program to join. There are many free to join paid survey like survey savvy they pay more then 5 $ per survey. Always check for on which site you are registering is BBB (Better Business Bureaus) certified. Global Test Market American Consumer Opinion;... Survey Savvy OpinionSquare Permission Research onlineglobalrecruiting Greenfield Online Surveys Opinion Surveys You can check the website for more free survey list, affiliate programs and contextual ad program, get paid for reading email amp; surfing the web and more earning recourses. Check the website for freelance work. may want to read the article “6 Hottest Businesses on the Web which lists six areas of the new Web that present new opportunities to small online businesses: The Web offers tremendous opportunities for those who know how to harness it. You hear of stories of people who earn thousands if not millions of dollars from doing business on Web. While there are many scams (same way in the traditional business world), there are various ways you can legitimately make money on the Web. Here are the ways you can earn money from the Internet: 1. Sell products on the Web - Big boys like Amazon or Lillian Vernon online catalog or smaller businesses like or all sell products on the Web. You can either sell: (a) through your own storefront through your own website or applications such as Yahoo Stores; or (b) sell through online auctions like eBay 2. Information Delivery. Others such as or create content and monetize their content in a number of ways: a. Advertising - From the article quot;How to Generate Advertising Revenues for Your Web Sitequot; , there are several ways you can earn money from advertising: 1. Join an advertising network. Advertising networks are organizations that aggregate Web sites that offer advertising space, and sell banner ads (and other advertising options) across them. Traffic requirement is often a minimum of 5,000 monthly impressions, although many do not accept sites hosted by free page services. Burst Media Fastclick (ValueClick). Tribal Fusion 2. Participate in contextual advertising networks. Contextual advertising are text ads delivered based on the content of the web page using an automated system. Google Adsense Yahoo! Publishing Network (currently in beta and available to US publishers only) Intellixt Quigo Adsonar IndustryBrains Commission Junction Evolution 3. Sell advertising for your site directly. This is admittedly a more difficult route for a small business site wanting to earn advertising revenues. But hey, as they say: quot;no pain, no gain!quot; b. Affiliate Programs - you sell other people s products that your audience may be interested in; and you get a certain commission after the desired action was done (whether a sale, a lead, subscription to email newsletter, or however this is defined) c. Paid online content. or Supporters forum all require paid subscription before accessing the information d. Content licensing and syndication. Some publishers such as the Associated Press get paid every time their content is published elsewhere 4. Services such as paid surveys -- won t make you rich but can add some spare change in your pockets Pinecone Research GreenField Online Harris Poll Online BuzzBack SurveySite SurveySavvy Survey Spot, then prison, isnt if awesom how that works?????________Dear Stalin , you have your very famous namesake in your neighbouring state, just learn from him how is he earning freely! All the best.________Become a politician.


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