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Saturday, September 15, 2007

How can an 11 year old girl earn money to buy a $135 nintendo D.S.? -

I have $250 in my bank account (I m taking out $10 for my D.S.) which is my emergency money. What are some ways to earn money within at least a couple months?________Babysit, weed gardens, mow yards, plant flowers, go grocery shopping and deliver groceries. Walk dogs, dog sit, train dogs, Wash cars, clean windows,________Have you considered dog walking? Or help an elderly neighbor with her/his garden? You might be able to help a new mother at her house with some chores also. Try a Craig s list in your city. But first get your parents okay on any of these things.________I could tell you but you wouldnt like it. It would involve work?________See the proofs of payment here. Join this group. It will help you in earning thru internet.

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