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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Would like to work in Perth to earn money for further studies? -

Hi, I would like to work in Perth to earn some money to further my studies. But the problem is I am holding a Malaysian passport. I am not eligible for the working holiday visa and not qualified for the General Skilled Migrant Programme. I started working after finished high school. I am keen to further my studies in Perth but my family can t afford to send me. ________sorry but without a visa you can not enter australia to work to enter on a student visa you have to have the money first to pay for tuition and living expences,you can work part time on a student visa while attending school but that wont help you get the money to pay tuition as it has to be paid before you start to study________Hello. I know it is hard but you have got a big problem as they will not let you in if you do not have money behind you and also you cannot afford all the forms you have to get before you get into the country. They are letting people in Australia but skillled workers etc. I will give you a website to help you. Hope things work out. Take care.

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