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Monday, September 17, 2007

What can a 12 yr old girl do to earn money? -

Me and 1 of my really good friends are planning a trip for my 21st birthday and I want to start saving money now.________I would work hard babysitting until you get old enough to get a job elsewhere (food industry, movie theater, etc.) Really what you need to do is get a savings account at a bank because interest will add up and help you save because then you can t use the money________I wouldn t listen to the other posts as they sound like scams from websites. There isn t much you can do to earn money atm, you could try doing odd jobs such as cleaning things or taking the trash out, just simple choirs for the people you know. I recommend learning as much as you can right now to prepare yourself for when you can get a job.________Check You may get some tips there________Just ask ur parents for money until you get older.

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