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Thursday, September 13, 2007

How can i utilise the internet to earn money? -

Not something that s unreliable pls (eg: Posting ads on blogs. People don t really click on them. And even if they do, you don t really earn anything) I ve been wondering how some people can earn money from their websites. Anybody can enlighten me?________Stay away from Cash Create and other survey Web sites! It s a waste of time and will cause you unhappiness. If you choose to get suckered in and sign up to take surveys and receive free trials considered you were warned. The minute you give them your personal information you open your computer to unwanted cookies on your hard drive, annoying pop-up windows and if you are on a PC you open your computer to viruses that can wipe you out.________Hi, My names is Ben, and I know it s not much, but I make at least $30 a day on my parked domain advertising. I just put together and have explained what domain parking is, pretty thoroughly. On my site are a list of services I use, and trust. They have all paid me within the time limit they said they would, and I recommend them highly. Most are free to join, but godaddy costs a monthly fee, and I ve never had a problem with my parked sites making more than enough to cover it. If your website is undeveloped, I suggest you try this. Feel free to contact me at bbixler@whatisdomainparking.com________make a porn site..or maybe add a few sexy pics of yourself that people can buy...________sell access for subscribers to see you nude on your webcam.________ these reliable sites. go to these sites and register this site is paid the money to your discussion with others


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