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Sunday, September 16, 2007

How can I earn money without putting my baby into childcare? -

I need to earn money to pay the mortgage but can t stand the idea of being separated from my baby. I used to work in Advertising which involved long work days and I m not willing to go back to that. I m an intelligent, capable woman, there must be a way to earn money while still having my baby with me... ________How about work at home? I m sure an intelligent and capable woman like you can find something.________Try this site, they will teach you to earn $20 USD or more per day.. Report Abuse ________I had many sleepless nights with the same problem. Finally at 3 am I figured out something I could do that earned a decent amount of money, allowed me to have my son with me, was legal, legit, and I could decide my hours. If I want to take a day off to play at the park, I do. It s just a matter of figuring out something you re good at that you could handle doing for a couple years.________Work at a daycare, you can be with your baby all day, Or you could try a setup where you and another mommy schedule around each other and help each other out with childcare, that way you know your little angel will only be sharing the spotlight with one other kiddo :-)________Just as I thought. There are never any good answers for this question - quot;how do I make money while staying at home?quot; The same old answers which no one ever wants to do anyway. My suggestion is to get an evening p-t job, unless you are a single mom. When your hubby gets home from work, you go to work for a few hours. Think about all the department stores that are open until 10 p.m. and go apply there.________Please contact me about an excellent way to earn money without putting your child in daycare. I was one of those parents in your situation! If you have been in advertising then this would be suitible for you.________I am no parent but my suggestion is that maybe work short hours and have a relative look after your baby. Although you don t want to leave your baby at all so maybe a job that you could work from home. Hope I helped a little bit :D________i work eveings and weekends in a nursing home (my partner has my daughter) they are rubbish hours i know but it brings the money in and i am with her all day x________You could watch a couple of kids in your home during the day. Or maybe you could do freelance advertising?

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