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Monday, September 17, 2007

Im trying to earn money. do you think selling stuff on ebay is a good idea? -

i want to try to earn money. is selling stuff on ebay a good idea? if so what should i sell?________Yes selling stuff on eBay is a great idea. I wanted to get new clothes so, I sold my old ones. I made probably almost $200 just on selling lots of name brand clothing. It is easy and you can set up a pay pal account for free and the money goes right into your account. You have to make sure that you specify specifics for example, need to pay within three days of sale ending and so forth because some people can take advantage, but it is great!________Selling stuff on ebay is a great way to make money on your spare time. The best way in my opinion is buy low sell high. To buy low simply use an ebay misspelled auction finder like To use it you simply enter your item your searching (for example playstation) and then click on the search button , it will then find possible misspells to your search query and bring you to the ebay page with those misspelled searches. If we keep the playstation example it it will search things like playstaion or playstion . So if someone made a mistake in their title you can find those items for cheaper.________You can try this. They don’t ask for a credit card or any money, like the scam sites. You won’t get rich though. It’s about $100 per week. They pay by Paypal and check. I have posted pictures of Paypal payments I have received, as proof. http://bestpaidsurveysitesandgpts.blogsp... You can also try Revolution Money Exchange Revolution Money Exchange is very similar to Paypal, but they don’t charge fees. They are giving out $25 to new account holders when you sign up. So as soon as you open your account, you have $25 to spend. I guess they are trying to compete with Paypal. You can sign up here. selling is good if you really know your products. You should gather some funds and perhaps invest in goods you know about. You should gain some capitol first. I made some extra money just by doing a few surveys. Although it may seem like a scam, this is the real deal. I like to think realistically, so you may not become rich by doing this, but you definately earn for the amount of work you put in. And, you can put anywhere from just a few minutes a day to 40 hours a week into it. Did I mention there is no startup costs?? Here s the site: Good luck! Let me know if you need any help.

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