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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I need creative ways to earn money or get donations for a year long missions trip.? -

The trip cost around $14,000. The trip is put on by and the site for trip itself is I am looking for ways to earn donations and to find sponsoring businesses. I plan on signing up for the July 2008 trip. I am also looking for air miles to get me to the training in Gainesville Georgia from Texas. I only need to raise about $1500 a month. I havesome money saved and would be used for visas and spending money along with funding any short falls in fund raising. I thank you in advance for your replies. May God Bless you. Ed________Hi - Acutally I m mr rickey davis What exactly will you be doing and how will sponsoring you be good for my company? Good Luck!________Hi - I m mr rickey davis I am ready to sucker you into paying me a few hundred dollars to pretend to process a non existant loan and then have you pay hundreds more for taxes and such on the non existant loan. Then when you are freaking out wondering where the money is and if it will ever come - I won t be able to be found. let this be a warning to you suckers out there that fall for these scams. No legitimate loan company trolls the internet - especially Answers - to look to offer non-collateral loans.________You might want to consider running a chartiy race night the site below has some free useful advice.

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