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Friday, September 28, 2007

How to earn money to buy a dog? -

I love puppies and I need a way to make money to buy one. Please help.________heres a rule of thumb if you cant afford the initial cost of getting a dog dont get one at all. if you cant come up with a few hundred dollars just to buy a dog what makes you think you can afford all the proper shots and vet visits. plus you never know if or when your dog is going to need emergency help and emergancy help is extremely costly. plus you need toys and to buy food on a regular baisis. if you struggle just to pay for a dog im sure you will have to struggle keeping yor dog healthy. trust me the vets arent cheap!!!________if you need to earn money to buy a dog, then you can t afford what the dog is going to need. i would advise against you even getting a dog , until your financial situation is better. EVERYONE loves puppies, but having a pet costs tons of money... vet bills, food, toys, crates, leads...etc etc... not to mention that it is a LIFELONG COMMITMENT... so don t sacrifice the well being of a defenseless animal , to fullfill your selfish need to have a puppy.________well first think are you going to continue to have money to pay for vet vists shots, food, chew toys, and spaying/neutering. you need to remember that as well as having money to buy the dog. you also need tons of time. puppies need to be played with and trained. its a lot of care and time that go into a dog to make them a good well behaved adult one.________The first thing is how much money do you want? The best, and funnily enough the cheapest, are African Grey puppies. Why I do not know. But, they make very good pets, they are clean about the house and take almost no training. You can usually get an eight week old one for about 15$. They are also very cheap to keep compared with most others.________I use to earn money it really works and i got paid 350$ you can get money by check or to your paypal. Its cool________babysit rake leaves do chores clean gutters get a job somewhere

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