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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I need some good ways to earn money? -

Hi im natalie and im frm the UK I only get £15 pocked money a week and i really want to buy a GHD but it will take me ages to save up, do you know of any good ways i can earn money e.g. good survey sites or effective things i could do , your help is really appreciated________Cleaning, kitchenwork, packing, running errands, gardening, babysitting, newspaper delivery are some of the jobs available. These jobs will be posted in local newspapers and billboards. A better option is to work from home on your computer - write articles, sell on eBay, make a website, take surveys. In some cases, you may have to set up an account in your parents or guardians name, and ask them to pay you, after they get the money for your work. More details are available at http://kj9.info________Start a blog with your interests.Or join an internet business for free but start promoting it on the web.Most internt business schemes are scams but the one I suggest to you is a solid and with a long history affiliate business.Be realistic. You will not make tons of money without doing nothing but you can make money and adding more over time. for a start try asking your parents to raise the amount of pocket money that you get. It might help. But other ways might be to a car wash with your friends, this will be fun and will earn you enough money to buy your GHD s (luv em)! You could try dog walking or baby sitting. Plenty of parents would need baby sitters since they are at work or need to go out! Try a bake sale on sunny days so it will attract more people!(thats if you re good at cooking). Or the last and I think most effective one would be to sell some stuff of yours on ebay amazon or just to your friends and neighbours. Or just a have a garage sale! It would clean out the house AND earn you some money! Hope my answer helps you!________I have tried many “work from home” systems and all have failed! However I just got in to a system and it is the best thing ever!! I work just a few hours a day and I bring in LOADS of cash. It’s not that hard do but with anything the more time you put into it the more you will get out. Best of all there’s no selling, no products!! Shoot me an email if you want more information I will be happy to tell you about it! Or click the link to see my video. Or my website may join it is a free paid to post forum. you may earn $10/week you may also join it is much better than mylot and informativepost but you may able to make $4 /month________You could get a part time job in a clothes shop,hairdressers or department store if you are 14 or over.________all the survey sites are scams


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