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Monday, September 17, 2007

How should I earn money over the summer? -

How should I earn money over the summer? I ve already got one option of earning 145 dollars. Take Note! I m saving for either a PS3 or an xbox 360. I need some good ideas how to earn money. I m only 12, so I can t get an official job. Please help.________Cut grass, run errands for elderly neighbors, water plants for people away on vacation, odd jobs for anyone who needs them - help clean garage, take garbage/trash to curb, walk the dog, learn to bathe the dogs (could lead to a career).________I tried it already, it is very good amp; free ...start with this website:- http://earn-money-with-search-... Report Abuse ________use this to get more money..................more than 100amp; Report Abuse ________im doing the same thing im not trying to be rude and mooch off your questions but can i get some help on this to im 15 live in a small community and im looking to get a 360 wit CoD4 and halo3 please help thanks aight pce (i already do lawn jobs) lt;--- havent gotten one in 2 monthes________hey just cick some ads surf them for 30secs and earn could surf them every 24 hrs. just go to this link to earn them.

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