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Saturday, September 15, 2007

How can a secondary student in singapore earn money at home? -

im currently a secondary student in singapore. i can online for as long as straight after school to my sleeping time around 11pm. during these times, i have nothing to do except for surfing the web... can anyone tell me how i can earn money at home? i don t wan emailcashpro. thanks in advance :)________Learn to create your own computer game from home since you like computer related stuff so much.________You can try to do some online job such as data entry________There are lots of great ways to earn money from home. You can earn money by writing articles. Here is a site that will give you great info on how to earn money writing, including several ways to make a full profit off of your work. If you have a website or your own business, setting up a google adsense program is also a great way to earn money online. Whenever someone clicks on a specific ad on your site, you earn a percentage of advertisement revenue. For more info how to to setup an adsense account visit association with Google, IndiaStudyChannel Educational Website has introduced AdSense Revenue Sharing Program . AdSense revenue sharing program allow you to earn revenue for the content you contribute in this site. In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, Indiastudychannel offer several gifts and cash awards to active members who post valuable content to this site.________The best way to earn money online through any affiliate program like ebay or adsense. U may try paid survey also. But before to start please consult any free online guide like for good result. Gora________i m not sure, i guess for a sec 1 student your age is around 13, maybe you can try go to 88db website and look for some suitable jobs for young teens like you if available....hope this helps________It is very easy to earn money with I have been paid by them already twice.It is very easy job.Just we have to visit ads given in the account for 30 sec each.Then they pay us.TO earn more we should have some referrals. More the referrals…More u earn..So the procedure is explained below. Actual Procedure to earn in 1) Register here. ( Click Here) (While registering if u does not have paypal account, Just give Ur present email as paypal email, U can Create paypal account with that email ID afterwards) 2) After registering login into 3) Click on quot;surf adsquot; link in the top 4) U can find many ad links there.Click on any one link.Ad opens in new window Then a countdown starts and it ends after 30 sec. then U will be paid. 5) Follow the same procedure for all ad links. 6) Open only 1 ad at a time. 7) check balance and other things in “ My stats “ Tab For Creating Paypal/ Alert pay Account:- 1)Skip this step if u already own a paypal account Go to and sign up Create a paypal premier account (this is for free) When asked to give credit card details click on CANCEL


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