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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Will i be able to earn good money in the future as there are too many foreigners coming to ENGLAND? -

I hate this, at the moment I am studying at university,I would like to earn a lot of money in the future and have my own property and car?________Go into a medical or engineering field, especially civil if you have the head for it. You can make good money, just look at what people will be needing in the future that can t be outsourced.________Economics basic is supply and demand - not difficult to work out.________I keep hearing this bigoted **** from otherwise intelligent people who are moaning and groaning about immigrants stealing our jobs. Several things. If you are not talented enough, smart enough, hard-working enough so that you can get and keep a job ahead of immigrants than that is just too bad. Secondly. Immigrants do not take jobs. They create them. They need schools, hospitals, homes and someone has to build them Thirdly. If it were not for immigration, most industrial countries would be in a population decline with an ageing population. What happens when you have over half the population over 60? If England gets too crowded for you, you could always move to the States. I understand the KKK could be recruiting in the fear there might be a black president________You have to accept that liberals are using this wave of immigrants to create a permanent welfare state where you have no say in the way your country is run.________so long as you have the correct degree other words if you get a first and others have a 2:1 then you would be in a stronger position.....experience also counts not just the qualification________people are going to go where they want to go, so i suggest you get used to it. if you don t like it, maybe you should leave and make more room.________oh no! The foreigners are coming! Great waves of them! more than your country can possibly support! And ALL of them are looking for jobs in your field! Oh NO! What will you do? Probably become an immigration officer.________RACIST CAuNT!________Did you know, in the 1950 s and 1960 s there was a shortage of nurses doctors, bus drivers, train drivers etc and the British government encouraged people from predominantly commonwealth countries. It is similar now and since about 5 years ago, this government has encouraged foriegners to come here and work (because there was a shortage of workers) I doubt wether you ll need to worry, but what I would suggest is, that you study for a career subject that will provide work when you have graduated.________Studying for a law degree, and you re as illiterate as this question shows you to be? Go and vandalise something, you racist troll! It appears to be your natural level!

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