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Monday, September 10, 2007

How to earn money in the USA without a working license? -

A friend of mine just got married to a US citizen, and meanwhile his waiting for his working license and right to stay here he cannot work and also not leave the country. Is there anyway my friend from Norway legally can make some money in the USA while he is waiting? He told me it would take approximately 1-2 years before he will get his greencard, and 2-6 months before he will get his temporary working license while waiting for his greencard.________Find something he can make and sale. Americans love stuff from other cultures.________I know someone who runs a landscapping business and he doesnt have a working liscense. We just had him do our patio and fence and he did a wonderful job for a lot less________Millions are working illegally. I m sure there is a way. How is it possible that he s here legally but not to work? Is it a tourist visa? That seems odd. It seems he s not in compliance with the law if he has no work permit, but is planning on working. No one else takes it seriously, though, why does he care if he breaks the law, millions are doing it every day.________Well, I hope she s rich, cause it sucks to be him! LOL That s just the point, the mad rush for immigration is causing people to do all kinds of things, including break the law.________Maybe as a day laborer, or in a small business like landscaping, or painting peoples houses, etc. A good way is cleaning up jobsites for homebuilders.________I had a friend from Zimbabwe in college. She once told me all she was allowed to do in her time here was clean houses. Can he make things? Maybe he can sell stuff on ebay or something. What skills does he have?

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