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Thursday, September 27, 2007

How the internet can be used to earn money genuinely, as Iamp;#39;ve got net connection at home ? -

I ve been searching for online work for a long time.I ve got net connection at home mainly for the purpose of online work. I would like to know, how good the internet can be used to earn money genuinely ? I too have a good English knowledge and also know the internet basics and good at typing too. Please suggest me a way where I can use the internet to earn a good sum of money very soon.________Now that you have an internet connection at home, you can earn a job by: 1.applying for looking for a job at,, etc 2.find a company that works with their employees remotely, good luck in getting hired (?) 3. sell stuff on ebay, open an ecommerce website, etc 4. advertise consulting services and pray people call 5. answer opinion surveys (you do earn money, just not a lot in a very long time) 6. scamming?________fyi: I work from home :) for a real company though lol Report Abuse ________You won t earn much by doing all that ads click and reading e-mails , so don t even bother and stress yourself for nothing. If you really want to work from home and earn a good sum of money, i would advise you to search for a proper freelance job for yourself. See what you can offer, what you can do, maybe you are good at writing, translating, etc. - go ahead with that and send your resume to those companies which work with freelancers. They may contact you very soon, but usually it takes some time to get into that freelance flow. So don t stop and keep searching and updating yourself with new information. Good luck! *________There are lots of ways on how to earn money online.... You can do blogging , which is really in today and can guarantee you money. You can earn with blogging through the Ad s posted in your blog. Each click can be converted to cash. you can earn 100$ or more depending on the clicks that your blog has produced. Answering surveys.. there are lots of sites that offer money by just filling up some surveys. A finished survey could amount from .40 to 10 $. Visiting some sites ... some offer money by just visiting on some of their selected sites for 30 sec. like bux.tu for more info on this matter visit the source that i have posted.________IndiaStudyChannel is a site which is formed for students and you can earn in this site by submitting old question papers, your interview exp, exam results, addmission details in various colleges........ they also offer you revenue share for more details visit ISC and become a member of it. are many ways to make money online now that you have net connection. You can get some great information for free here: Not only will you find out which programs really work but you ll also get Insider information and shortcuts to help you on your way. Make sure you do your research before you sign up for anything - there are scams out there. Good Luck!________IF u want to earn money sitting at home .Just use 20--30min. everyday and try to add more refferals .the sites for earning money are under: First create a account in (personal account) then register on these sites and these are genuine websites. dont forget to give my name as referral name. Thanks________Earn Rs.2000 daily.Easy Form filling jobs for Indians. Hi, I have found an interesting website for earning money in Internet. You can Earn Rs.2000 Jobs is Filling simple online forms in the internet. It take only 2-5 min to fill those forms. On an average you can Earn. Rs.1000 per day. Click this and register today________There is a best way to earn money from home. Google Money!! Amazed! Yes, you can work for Google from home and earn $2400 approx per month. check this site or mail to cashtreasure@gmail.com________I suggest giving this website a try: I have been using it for a couple of years. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but it does bring in steady extra cash just for reading e-mails and visiting websites. They even pay you $10 just for signing up. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.________you can create a blog and post ads to your blog. you can choose from a variety of websites that can host your blog such as blogger, wordpress and many more. on the other hand, you can apply at and learn how to post ads to your site/blog. I hope this helped.________You can do more than reading emails or taking surveys, work online in any field in which u have skill in, if typing go for data entry , in programming then go for a freelance programmer etc, Try this one for this u need not pay any thing, its free http://www.OnlineGenuineJobs.com________How I Earn $5000 and above every month from by this site , Discover How to Make Lots amp; Lots of Money with this simple site ! No experience Needed.Its Simple Part time Job. Visit Regards________How I Earn $5000 and above every month from by this site , Discover How to Make Lots amp; Lots of Money with this simple site ! No experience Needed.Its Simple Part time Job. Visit Regards________there is this fun site .. you play games to make some extra bucks.. i mean i only have 10.00 in my account .. hehe but its legit, and its fun.. you dont make much .. but its fun and it dont cosh anything.. its worth a shot... im addictied to it :) here is an invite! good luck________Earn Money...Free Data entry jobs, visit the below sites. http://workfromhomejobs1.blogspot.com________HI ! Do u really wanna make some money.If yes i think u can then joinCASHFIESTA [ ].they will pay you for viewing those ads while u r surfing on internet.________To earn genuinely using internet is sooo easy.A website named is can join that and can earn as much you want..probably there are so many categories ,you can choose among them________Well you can choose from different ways of earning online at is a site where u can find genuine Data Entry jobs/Work at Home jobs without any up front costs or any registration fee. Work at home data entry Resources. Guides on identifying Work at home Job Scams and a lot more. Visit here: :)________Most people are lying you honestly..don t sign up to those pages. Here s a good one I found: See it and tell me your impressions.________I think you should try this website. I made 93$ in three days. The best site i ve dealt with. It s legit. Go to this link and create free account: www. AWSurveys .com /HomeMain.cfm?RefID=jlen________Working on an online corporation........________No big words. Just check this out. you will find all answers. a real job________I tried it already, it is very good amp; free ...start with this website:- http://earn-money-with-search-engine.blo...________GOOD QUESTION...! Read this: Many people lost many bucks in the past few years by joining or subscribing to various money making programs in some websites. These websites promised that they could earn many bucks a day just by doing some data entry job. To meet administrative expenses they asked them to pay some bucks as registration fees. But most of them did not get any work or was paid very less. Anyone with common sense should never commit such mistakes again. Never pay to get paid. Never fall in such traps. Making money online in the above cases requires as much as hard work that you put on making money offline. Never forget this fact. Don’t forget the experience of millions: IF SOMETHING SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THAT OFFER..! But that does not mean you cannot make money online. You can earn online in proportion to your knowledge, skills and hard work. The beauty of the Internet is that even if you don’t have knowledge or skills about something, you can quickly develop them free of cost through the Internet...!! Read more about Money Blogging Tips: Visit: OR! It is good to learn that you are interested in Work from Home and earn some Extra Income. You have to remember following Points: 1. 99% Websites offering Work from Home Jobs are SCAM. 2. You have to find Website that Provide Authentic and Legitimate Work from Home Jobs. 3. Money is Not Going to fall from Sky. You have to work for it. I suggest you to visit: will provide you Authentic and Legitimate Work from Home Jobs. No Scam. No Catch. No Gimmick. No Investment. No Fee. No registration. Just Real ones. will provide you information on: (1) How to earn Money from Home / Office / Café (2) Work from Home Directory (3) Work from Home Leads (4) Online Money Making Tips (5) How to design your own Website or Blog or Hub (6) How to earn Money from your Website or Blog or Hub (7) Resources for Website, Blog and Hub (8) Helpful Articles So Visit: Another Excellent Option that you have is to join Hubpages. Hubpages is FREE to join and Helps you to make money through Google Adsense, e-bay and Amazon. You can Join Hubpages here: But Mind you. Hubpages is Addictive. If you like my answer then please Appreciate it by selecting it as the BEST ANSWER. Good Luck!!!________Hello Nisha, Your idea to look on the Internet for a high-paying job is a good one I think. The world wide web has opened the flood gates for business and marketing to expand beyond country and national borders. Entrepreneurs—as well as scam artists—are taking advantage of the business opportunities this affords. As a result, a plethora of business opportunities, hundreds in fact, are now advertised. How do you go about sifting through the advertising maze to locate the best choice of business for you? Here are some guidelines: a. Search for and obtain the most credible counsel. Find individuals who are IN the business and who are having success with it, or are having failure, and ask them for advice. Ask discerning questions: What kinds of things do you have to do to become good at this business? Is it worth the investment? Warning: you can be sure to get prejudiced opinions from someone who is NOT actually in Internet-based business for themselves. If you wanted advice on how to cook, you would not consult the local carpenter. You’d find a cook with a fine reputation and ask his or her advice. Do the same when looking for advice on finding a good Internet-based work-at-home business. b. Grasp the distinct profit of large commissions versus small ones. If you desire, if you plan to pursue substantial income, then you need to pursue a compensation plan with big commissions. c. Look for a company that offers you personal payback through identical benefits from your team members. In marketing lingo this would have said like this: “gain leverage through matching overrides”. d. Stay away from Pass-Up or Breakaway plans. If a business requires that you give up your first sale, or your first two sales, or your first fives sales to your recruiter – making them thousands of dollars while you get nothing, reject that company. Those companies will say that this is to “qualify” you to sell at 100% advantage after that. Guess what this engenders from your recruiter? You will receive a whole lot of help from him or her until you “qualify” at which time you instantly become his competitor and s/he has no incentive to help you any longer! You will be dropped like a hot potato. You will be left on your own to sink or swim in the marketing competition without a team to bless you. Your recruiter’s best-kept secrets for success will never be divulged to you. e. Make sure that the company has many products that can be the source of multiple streams of income for you. If a company has a wide range of items and products that are in high demand, you will have less risk in joining such a company. Best of all, if the company has among the items one single in-demand product that is made only by them, then you will have a selling advantage on that item over other companies. If a company has only ONE item that it sells in three sizes: small, big, huge, you can probably do better elsewhere. f. Require the company to show you the instruction and assistance it offers to its members – before you join. A good business will have online and/or telephone instruction and assistance seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day! Instruction should include such things as conference calls and webinars daily or weekly available for all in the company who wish to benefit from them. People who pursue Internet business fail without this kind of support. If a company offers you excuses why they will not demonstrate to you the training and backing the company gives, then look elsewhere. You need to be persuaded that you will succeed and thrive. g. Confirm without any doubt that a Central office with Sales People is offered as an aid to you. The reason is this: There are many people who become quite proficient in the art of placing ads and directing traffic to their web sites, but who, for one reason or another feel totally inadequate when it comes to talking directly to prospects on the phone, or prospective buyers may be in other countries and frequent international calls would be prohibitive. Those folk still need the means to earn a good income. h. Do not be duped by extravagant exhibitions of promised wealth. Almost all advertising is intentionally eye-catching and glitzy. Do not be deceived by “promises” and “guarantees” of “getting rich quick.” There are a number of good companies on the Internet horizon. You should be able to be in direct contact with the Chief Executive Officer, even if it is just through a conference call where you have the chance to ask pertinent questions that you have. Always be aware that any time you begin a new business there is a good deal to learn at the beginning as you lay a solid foundation for your business to profit consistently in the future. This learning takes time. Allow for it. If you learn as much as possible and apply the principles as much as possible as a newbie, be content to see your first results toward the end of your first month, not in the first week. Paying attention to these criteria will direct you to a company that is worth joining and in which you can be confident you can succeed. Here are a FEW of the Internet businesses that are not scams. Abunza Perfect Wealth Formula Wealthy Marketer My Internet Biz Wealth Masters EDC-Gold Cruise To Cash Passport to Wealth Emerald Passport Liberty League Roadmap To Riches Global Network Big Ticket to Wealth* Best wishes in your search. Ken


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