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Friday, September 21, 2007

What is a fast way to earn money? -

I need a laptop and I can not get a job because I am only 15. Does anybody have any suggestions of what I could do to start making money?________Everybody needs a quick infusion of cash from time to time. These ideas bring in money fast, and many can also be done at flexible times, so it s easier to arrange child care with a friend or family member for free. * Have a garage sale. By using a few easy tricks, like posting fliers at grocery stores and Laundromats, making signs that can be seen from nearby busy streets and displaying your items in a department-store style, you can increase the amount your sale brings in. Find out how to earn more with Garage Sale 101 tips. * Sell on eBay. Books, CDs, unused sports or exercise equipment, clothing, novelty items -- people buy all kinds of things. Even if you re selling several small items, the money can add up. Just make sure the buyer, not you, pays the cost of shipping. * Put clothes on consignment. This is an especially good way to get rid of clothing like fancy dresses (think old prom gowns and cocktail dresses you ll never wear again), but anything in good condition can be put on consignment. You share the money from the sale with the consignment shop, but it s an easy way to squeeze some money out of clothes that would otherwise just take up closet space. * Perform household services. You can earn some money informally by letting friends, family, church members and others in your community know that you re available to clean their houses or apartments, or to take in ironing. If you find you have a knack and stamina for cleaning quickly and thoroughly, you can turn this into a regular, reliable way to earn extra money every month. * Have a bake sale. Do you make killera chocolate chip cookies? chocolate chip cookies? Are yummy breakfast burritos your specialty? If so, why not bring in your items once a week to your job and sell them to coworkers and other businesspeople in the vicinity? If you don t have a job, what about a friend s workplace, a community center or a nursing home? Put the word out beforehand and gauge the response as you go, so you don t end up with a lot of leftover food. By talking up your home-baked goodies and arriving at the same time every day or every week, you may find that people start to anticipate your arrival. You can start a cottage industry along the lines of Mary s Monday Cookie Break when you come around to hawk your wares. * Sell homegrown fruits and vegetables. You don t have to have a farm to produce delicious, delicious, organic produce. By presenting your goods in an appealing way (save the plastic or cardboard produce containers from the grocery store and tie them with a distinctive ribbon or desktop-printed label), you give them niche appeal, and you can sell them much the same way as baked items, listed above.________You can do online surveys, cash offers, and paid emails. They re completely free to join, easy to do, and you can do everything on your own time. Most allow you to be at least 13 years old. could offer to deliver flyer s or coupons for local pizza shops or Chinese restaurants door to door for say $10 per 100 houses, but the key to make the most money with this is to be working for more than 1 business, so say you have 3 business each paying you $10 per 100 houses you would be making $30 for about an hours work, not bad once you get it set up and going and in most cases you would be delivering to more than 100 for each business, so your income would be even more. I hope this helps! Joe

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