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Saturday, September 15, 2007

What is a good way for a 14 year old to earn money for the holidays? How can I find local babysitting jobs? -

I m 14 and have had 3 years of experience babysitting. I m a good kid with great grades. So do you know how i could earn a little extra cash for my christmas shopping?________put ads up in the local grocery stores, laundromats etc.________do jobs that people dont want to do Report Abuse ________With people working so much Pet walking/feeding, child care, light houskeeping are a few ideas.________IGNORE SWEETY This is a comment from a website he has linked to - This work at home quot;opportunityquot; is an utter crock. Naturally the person spamming it doesn t give the details. Yes, you get paid to post. How much? About 1/3rd of a penny per post. That s correct, post 300 messages and you might get as much as a dollar if they are quot;qualityquot; messages. You do the math. So why is this goofball recommending it? Because he gets 20% of whatever you make. You slave away for 100 hours to make $10 and he gets $2. He he can talk 1000 people into wasting 100 hours of their life for $10/ea then he makes $2000. How does he con 1000 people into signing up? He spams 100 s of messages a day on message boards. It s a scam, complete and total scam. There is no actual payment schedule, they tell you they aren t under any obligation to pay you anything and most people never make more than $10 after wasting literally 100 hours or more. You would have to be a curry eating lower caste street urchin from Calcutta to consider this to be a business opportunity.

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