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Monday, September 24, 2007

How I can earn money through a website page? -

How does that work, is there for real a way to earn money from internet? Is there a way to add publicity that make me earn the money or..? Please explain in plain English, thanks. ________A great option is Google AdSense, which is free and you can pick up a few extra pennies by posting it on your blog or website. Click the link below to go to the Google AdSense homepage: m like the name of this link To be a Boss is not easy but is not too hard to do also. You must able to start somewhere in order to realize it. Thank god, I have started do something, if not i m still working till now. Report Abuse ________Are you talking about putting ads on a websites? I believe you can try this: Have a blog of your own and write strongly about things that you feel passionate about. It will be better if people will be interested in reading your material too. Then you will also need to sign up for a Google Adsense account and then place these ads on the blog. Note that you need to be 18 and above to be able to do this. If google adsense picks up your talk, they might generate some ads for the people who view your blog. If they are interested, they might click on those ads and you can earn that way. If you just want to earn money from the internet, there is a way for it. You can earn by clicking to view advertisements or websites. If you want more information on this, please visit my blog link in the source. What I can tell you is that although you will not earn much every day, it can be accumulated and if you spare some time to click every day you will get enough to cash out next year.________Too many answers are affiliated (they make money whilst you sign up through their link) so for a change, here s a link that does not have any affiliate link (it s the homepage). I have personally used Fixed Memory, and no, there s no fees.. you don t even have to sign up, there s nowhere where you have to provide your personal information either. They explain how to make money through MySpace, Facebook, Surveys, Surfing, Blogs, Affiliates, Emails and more :) Enjoy!________Hi, This thing is really good, and has been praised by papers such as the Financial Times and the Sunday Times. Definite C£sh to be earned here. Investment Required: None (not at any point will you have to pay up for anything or hand your details over as you can request to be paid by cheque) I have earned a fair wad already and have been doing it for about a month. It works like this: You go through the referral link and sign up (takes about 2 mins and no personal details are needed) What that does is it gives you your own web page with 1000+ links to website’s such as Amazon, Play, EBay, Argos etc etc. (save this page to your fave’s) When ever you (or friends, read on) go to buy anything of the net or your friends that you’ve signed up and their friends and their friends so on so on buy anything you just go through your own site and buy as normal. This is where it gets good because every thing you buy you get a % of the commission put back into your account on the webpage. Now this is where it gets really interesting because if your friends sign up via your link they get a % commission but you get a % of that as well. And if they get their friends to sign up you get a commission of whatever they buy so on and this can go on for ages! So you don’t even have to buy to make money just sign up your friends and get them to sign up there so on so on. Money is so easily achievable with this. £££ Remember you are not scamming your friends by doing this because you will always only get 45% of the commission and the rest gets shared amongst your friends or you. there is a lot of money to be earned from this, see by playing on the income estimator on the website. You really are all in it for each other. Click Here: to see my shop and to find out more (Click the quot;Find Out Morequot; link at the Top Right of the page) or sign up using this referral link You have to be referred to sign up to Ei42 as it is a networking so take the opportunity and start making ££££’s because this going to be the next internet craze. This has been talked about on the national press scene by many top journalist. You really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, you have to be referred to join so join now. A little tip for when signing up friends, use applications such as Facebook, MSN, My Space to spread the word to your mates I did and it’s paid off no end. Also talk to them as some seem sceptical at first but there’s a lot to gain from this and nothing at all to lose. If you want to discuss this or any other of the money making schemes about, on the net or not, click the following link: Any questions I’ll be happy to answer them. Happy Ei42’ing ________I m surprised that no scammers made their way into your posting yet. Assuming what you mean is to start your own website. Adsense is one good way and also other affiliate marketing programmes like CJ, clickbank etc... But... do note that either way you won t make any money without a theme/concept of your website. Even blogs need a good regular thematic content to get any kind of traffic. You can also sell stuff like create your own webstore What you need to do 1st to decide what does your site do? Are you writing stuff, selling stuff, creating a membership club etc. Then choose your tools, either use a free site like blogspot, wordpress, livejournal etc or get your own hosting. If you are getting your own hosting, my tip is the hosting company that I m using because they have 1 click installers, multiple domains(just in case you get more than 1 site), and free professional templates. Afterwhich, spam away to friends and relatives and on your IM etc... If that doesn t give enough traffic, spam away on classifieds like craiglist. Good luck and if you are stuck just get back here and find friendly folks to help you out.________Hello, Besides paid to click/read/etc sites, you can try something interesting I found recently. The site is called subvert and profit. Basically they pay you to vote for stuff on sites like digg, youtube, stumbleupon, etc. Why? Because other people pay good money to get votes for their videos, websites, articles, etc. This is by far the easiest way to earn some pocket money I ve found. You get paid between 60 and 75 cents per task, with a minimum of 2, 3 tasks per day. Also you have a 10% refferal bonus. My earnings right now are half refferal bonuses. Check out my blog for proof of payment and further details: ________ Ever wanted to earn cash from home but always got scammed by those liars who sell useless ebooks or those members who ask for money upfront and then never do their job? For this only reason I want to show you a website where the owner shares all ways of making money online. Did you know that you can make money using search engines or clicking ads? Then visit for more information ________How much you want to earn a month? I am only capable of earning 100$ a month. Well it actually depends on my luck and hard work. If you are interested to know more about me, you can IM me.I don t mind(not stingy) to teach you as I think that i can t earn all the money, why not i share with everyone. kakashihatake2510 this it helped me a lot to earn money without spending a single penny and got paid Sources: to go and find, You will see so many ways of earning money through the internet without any investment. Try few sites. Best of Luck for those who search for internet money. ________Yes, you can earn money online. You can do this by creating a web site or blog (both free or paid) and place advertisements on it. For more ways to earn money online, visit ________See the following blog http://onlinemoneymaking-tips.blogspot.c...


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