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Friday, September 14, 2007

Does anyone have a creative way to earn money for a Youth Footbal League? -

Our local PeeWee League is in desperate need of new Helmets and the community is not one that has extra money for this expense. We are looking for creative ways to earn the money without having to cancel next season for safety issues. Please send all comments... Everyone has a creative idea that can be simple or complex. This is an important element to our community. Please Help! Thank you________bake sale, carnival / a game night,________EVERYBODY LOVES VIDEO GAMES so how about a tournament in NFL MADDEN FOOTBALL 2008 OR HALO 3 (entry fee 5-10 dollars amp; the winner receives a prize)________Make bake sales,shows, plays, anything and maybe hold tryouts for the team. And charge enough money for new helmets.________Bake Sale Car Wash Food Sale (pizza) Drink Sale (lemonade, sodas, smoothies, etc). A garage sale? in which the fund would go to the team of course If you have a mascot, you could have people takes pictures with it and make it into a card and sell them for $2 or so. Another idea is that you could always kindly ask people to donate money during the games. You could also try asking a local place to sponsor you.________uh sell candy, car wash, and uh hold a bingo night and or skate nite!________sell popcorn like those annoying boy scouts actually that dude under me has a great idea________car wash________Texas Hold Em tournament with 50% entry fees going to the team.________wow, that s gonna be pricey. How many are you going to need? They re 100+ bucks a piece. The website I have listed sells a bunch of fundraising things, but I don t think you can make enough like that. Maybe you could have tshirts made and sell them? Depending upon where you re located and the weather, maybe you could have a golf outing fundraiser? The best thing you could do is see what your kid s parents all do, and someone is bound to have a connection that can be used. For instance, one of my fraternity brothers dads worked for the Eagles. We had a party/fundraiser, and 3 of the players showed up to support it. Likewise one owned a company that prints tshirts, so we got cheap tshirts whenever we needed them. It s those kinds of ideas that would work the best because it would make the most profit and get the most people involved.________You can make things for the fans. Like buttons with team pictures in them, or little ribbons that you decorate. Also, you could do something cute like bid on your fave. football player. ( parents eat this one up because they want their kid to win lol ) Do you guys do homecoming? If so, choose the homecoming queen/king by how much money they collect in a bucket. You guys could also do a penny war between teams. At your remaining games, set out jars for each team. The pennies take away points and the silver and dollars add points. The team with the most points wins. And they could get like a little gift like small bags of candy and recognition at their next game. ( also a good way to get team pride established ) Good luck to you all and I hope things work out!________Have some of the MILFs strip for cash.________Pimp out the players. Just tell them to quot;take one for the teamquot;.

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