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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Whats the best way for a teen to earn money? -

My parents don t give me allowance and i have no way to earn money from them... HELP!________you can babysit, mow lawns, shovel snow from people s driveways, make crafts and sell them, run errands for people..just a few of my ideas :-) good luck!________The answer will be different if you are 13 or if you are 17. Check with your school about a work permit and if you qualify they can help you find a job with a local employer. If you are not of legal age to work for an employer, you CAN still work for yourself. Consider your own business whether that is babysitting, hosting puppet shows, website design, Ebay sales, cleaning aquariums, selling candy, making non toxic cleaning products, washing windows, teaching computer skills, setting up electronics, or helping people organize their paperwork or home storage areas. There s so much you can do but it s up to YOU to know what those things are. Check your library for books like quot;Fast Cash for Kidsquot; by Bonnie amp; Noel Drew. You ll get alot of inspiration. Also, check out Junior Achievements:________I was Also In a Great trouble Like You Before But Now I Am Earning 44$ In Just 60 Seconds without any investment amp; i also thaught that it would be a fraud but when i joined it i was amazed to see my earnings,from there you can really earn 44$ in just 60 seconds without any investment,i got paid with $5987/- previous month and you can earn more then 5000$/month -------gt;gt; We Wish For Your Success lt;lt;-------- U Can Also Find A Full List Of Online Job Which Is Free Of Cost.________Culver s minimum hiring age is 14 with a workers permit. I called many stores because I am 14 looking for a job. This was the response they gave which makes me happy after looking for so long. Find a local one go online and apply and go in store to apply or call and ask if they are hiring. What I did was Google a bunch of business near my home and found their numbers using Google maps or their sites and I called and directly asked if they are hiring and what age do they hire at. Try local grocery stores, pizza parlors, retail stores, fast food restaurants.________This is the best, genuine amp; FREE!! site for earning money easily through net. Payment Proof available!!! and Sell things from factory outlets, warehouses, etc

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