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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Im 15 and im wondering how can I earn some money? -

I live in Hawaii and im 15. I want to earn money. Any jobs I can do at my age. I do some gpt sites but that only gets me a small chunk of money. Any Ideas?________Talk to your school s guidance counselor... you ll need a work permit and they can guide you to who s hiring. You can also consider using your skills and interests in your own business at ANY age. Check the library for some of the many books along the lines of quot;Fast Cash for Kidsquot; by Bonnie amp; Noel Drew. You ll find many money making efforts that don t include online scams. Discover what you re best at and then DO IT.________http://ecommerce-times.blogspot.com________You can try to do some online job such as data entry________all right, this may sound lame, but ask your local newspaper. I m serious, that s what i did. i wasn t one of those guys that toss the paper in the morning but a sales person. it was fun, 6-30 buck a sale depending on the sale too! they just got a big group of us together and we went door to door.________Mcdonalds hires age 15 amp; older its good first job________best way is to just get a job and save up but also you can sell junk on eBay if you have a lot of extra stuff at your house ..________lawn mowing.________fast food duh!________dont worry even 13 can earn so surf it www.iwra.blogspot.com________Some ideas to earn extra money: 1. Tutoring students 2. Using skills you have 3. MLM businesses Have you heard of an internet business? Personally, I find that an internet business is an easy way to create an autopilot income because: 1. Requires small to zero capital 2. Gets started right away and easily 3. Allows you to work from home or anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection 4. Has unlimited potential to earn money 5. No age or education requirements 6. Doesn t need you to have to have a company What you need to do is to learn about the internet business as much as possible to discover whether it is for you and what your strategy is. There is free information around. Good luck.________man when i was 15 i just did a bunch of yard work. save your money dude... dont blow it ... save it up as much as you can you`ll be 16 b4 you know it and surely you will want a nice ride..... hey and if you are in hawaii ebay is a good way to make some money... sell authentic hawaiin stuff... you would make some money ... thanks________Survey and pay per click sites like: have lots of teenagers working with us. You will make money and help people at the same time.....your friends will love it too because it is free. Really. Let me know if you would like to check it out.....I work from home as many or as few hours a week as I like.________Yeah, I also need a job! Do you know anything that I can do online?


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