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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How can I earn money to build a great gaming system? -

I m looking to get money for the computer parts I need to build an awesome gaming system.. a computer that could run Warhammer: Age of Reckoning smoothly, at least. I m not old enough to get a job yet, so I was wondering any other ways to get enough money to get all the parts I need besides doing chores for parents, etc? And also, what are some good video cards/motherboards/processors that I would need, for future reference? Thanks.________here s an article with a list of parts to build a mid-high end machine for under $500. as long as you don t take it too 1920x1200 or pump all the settings to max this set up should do fine. as for making money, summer s almost over so cutting grass may not be much of an option now, you could offer to rake in a few weeks though. you could try delivering papers if the adults haven t taken over that job in your area - i used to deliver when i was 11yrs old. have a yard sale and get rid of junk you no longer need. other than that wish for a big christmas cash flow.________Work for your neighbors specially seniors. They pay very well when I was younger.

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