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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Im 14, what are some ways i could earn extra money for the summer? -

I need a way to earn money besides allowance and doing jobs around the house, my parents wont pay me for that stuff.________babysitting seems cliche but it s easy money if the kids are good.________Perhaps babysitting or dogwalking would be interesting for you.________CIT or Counselor-in-Training, see if you have any local organizations that need older kids to organize and play games with the other kids. look into vacation bible school (i don t know how universal that is) or a YMCA in your area. some parks have programs like sports and coaching you could help with. pay is usually low, but until you are 15, i m afraid the options are limited. good on you for taking initiative! you ll be a millionaire at 30 ;)________What about babysitting? I would love to be able to find a responsible, dependable teen to babysit for me. It s not easy finding the right person to care for your children. If you like kids, it would be an awesome job for you! Post an ad at your local church(s) or place a small ad in your local newspaper.________when i was forteen...i was a caddy..paid really good 12 bucks an hour plus tips. you could also work at a local supermarket..they always need baggers________Create a flyer that advertises your availability to do odd jobs for the summer and distributed in your neighborhood. List any skills you may have OR, work you prefer to do. Like yard work, help around the house, walk the dog, etc.. You will be amazed with the results.________babysit neighbor s kids. cut people s grass________in some places u can get a job.________babysit or walk your neighbors dogs, wash cars, or have a mini garage sale!________You can look in the paper for some babysitting jobs, bus boy openings, caring for pets, even open your own yard work business. Well, I can t promise anything but these are just SOME ideas. Hope you find a way to get some money!!________What country are you in as i know in the UK you can work part time providing it is not more than about 14 hours a week just to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of. I worked as a papergirl, waitress and helping in a hair salon but the money was not great but if you have not much than anything can help and it also gives you wonderful experience for when you get a career________mow lawns walk dogs clean pools bus tables at age 14 you can work depending on the state that you live in.... but you can only work limited hours, it cant interfere with school yada yada yada... though you could be a bagger(depending on the state) i would recoment a table busser, because while it might sound like a crappy job your going to make minimum wage either way, and a a restraunt you may get a share of the tips and a discount the the restraunt.

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