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Friday, September 14, 2007

How can I earn money in a short amount of time? -

My friend has a serious problem. A stay at home mother with one child is being threatened to get evicted out of her home if she doesn t come up with $500 by the end of this month. There’s only so much I can do to help, and I was wondering if anyone knew how you could make some amount of money in that amount of time. Thank you all who took the time to even read this question.________Have a yard sale or sell your stuff ine craigslist, have a single mom pick up a part time job while you watch the child.________visit my blog, there’s a best solution for you : only way to earn money is through products or services. These require assets or time. Her choices are then to sell stuff or do stuff. Some ideas.... 1. Babysitting - She could blanket the neighborhood with flyers offering her services as a babysitter 2. Yard Sale or Ebay - Does she have some things she s willing to part with? 3. Does she have any special skill or knowledge that she could TEACH others to do? If so, she could write a booklet or teach a little seminar or something like that? Would take some planning, but perhaps you could brainstorm with her. There are a few other tips in this article... Good luck!________U MUST FIRSTLY CONTACT THE POLICE OR MUST ASK FOR THE LOAN TO THE BANK________I have a couple of sites that I have made a couple hundred off of so far with my referral links. Thanks and good luck. Joe D. m a single working mom (full-time job, kids active in sports), but THERE ARE fast, quick, legit ways to make money. I m not sure where you live, but I live in the SF Bay Area and these 3 sources have worked for me when money is tight and I need to make money quick to buy groceries/gas/etc. It s also good for extra spending $$ when funds are not so tight. Stay from those MLM-get-rich-quick scams. The sources that work for me involves checking these sources regularly as focus groups and temp promo gigs come up fast and fill up faster. Hope this works for your friend too. If she gets gigs maybe you can help by babysitting too! You re a great friend. Good luck to you both!

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