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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How can I earn money from Animation? -

I am going to get into animation by getting either Blender 3d or Poser 7. And I want to know some ways I could make money once I get good at this stuff. I am also going to order Blender for Dummies. If there is any way to get money from this please tell. And I will make this harder to let you know I am 12.________Once you get good enough you can also start doing freelance work. You could offer to do animations for company websites or short animations for companies to use as marketing tools.________Create your own animation series and start a YouTube channel and post all of the videos you have made. If they are popular enough try and get them on a website or two (like a friend s website or something) and if you run your own site you can make money by charging viewers.________Why Dont you Try My intergrated Custom Search on Google Upper links may help you Bookmark For future Searches

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