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Monday, September 17, 2007

How to earn money through open source software? -

I know all the positives of open source software, but what I am asking is this. Is it possible to make money out of it? If yes, how? If it isn t possible, then can we hope for a future where all software will be open source? I doubt there will be many people wanting to quot;workquot; for free. Would it attract less people to software development? How will it affect software companies?________Lots of ways to make money on open source software . The most common ways are to sign up to a list and adding ads for software for you to buy. There are many more such as making tutorials or upgrading to pro, only limited by imagination ________Get free free to get money $ 10000 - Unlimited /month Free free register (100 % Free) http://www.coreonlinemarketing... Buruan Report Abuse ________One common way to make money off open source software is to charge for support. The product itself is free, but support contracts are not.________The best ways to make money with open source software is though paid support, consulting and customization. There are lots of companies as well as individual consultants that make a living this way.

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