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Monday, September 10, 2007

From which affiliate program do you earn money and how much? -

Which is the best affiliate program you ever got? how much you earn ?________One of my best performers has been Amazon. They have a rich affiliate program and you can very specifically target the ads to your audience. For example, lets say that your site deals with Classic Cars. You can then present Amazon ads that are relevant only to classic cars. And Amazon is not limited to books - they deal in a lot of hard products too.________I have found a great one that I am involved in. The products user friendly and actually work. Check it out if you like. have to check out MoreNiche, they have been around for a long time, some people are making 25+K a month. Free to join and they offer website templates or banners to use for promoting. I myself have made over $15K this year and its my first year doing this Make up to $175 per sale Start with up to $45 in sign up bonuses with this link you got google,, Linkshare, Enough to pay the bills for a year :)________I find that the best affiliate programs I have joined are those that offer recurring commissions, and lifetime cookies. That way you have more chance of getting commission when the sale is made than having the cookie expire and losing the commission because the sale was made too late. I m having great success with these programs, but don t want to disclose how much I earn. It does vary from week to week, month to month. There s a loan program at where you make around $75 for each customer which is awesome.________All Answers, given above are worth giving try.

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