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Friday, April 20, 2007

What is a quick way to earn alot of money? -

im a teenager adn dont have time for a job how can i earn money?________legally it will be difficult illegally smooth and easy, but juvenile court is a killer,..... ask mom and or dad for the cash, but you have to be sweet.________I don t think there is any way except to steal which is illegal!________Rob the World Bank …. hahahhahaha If discover the technique, let us know________If you re 18 or over, and half-way decent looking---or can get fake ID---either porn or stripping________go for drug testings. easy to earn $ pfizer has posted a few times for pple to test out their TRIAL drugs.________I have found three legitimate work at home sites so far, and one of them made me $494+ in October, $700+ in November, and $838.57 in December. They are free to join. Please click my screen name or avatar for more information and a link for proof of payment and lots os specific details. Once I found out these sites were legitimate, I started adding referrals. For every person you refer, you get 20% of what they earn. And for every person that one of your referrals refer you get 10% on one site and 5% on the other. In time--this could be a great source of income--making money while other people are in a sense, working for you. If you get 5 referrals who earn $20 a month, that is an extra $20 in your pocket. If you get 100 referrals earning $20 a month, that is an extra $400 you ll earn every month!!! And by the way--never join a work at home program that wants you to pay up front. If they were making that much money, they wouldn t need to charge you.________Paper round baby sitting house cleaning or window cleaning and gardening jobs while people are away on holidays. Use your imagination. Set out small. Not highly paid jobs but a start.When you do earn money put the money aside in a special account if its for college expenses.Alittle bit put aside is better than nothing at all.________The easiest solution for a person without a job, is to do surveys online. Personally, I can t get a job because I attend a difficult university. So I do surveys online. CashCrate is a good site to fill out surveys for money, http://www.*************/index.php?ref=1... If you need help or any questions, aim me at AltemaCC. Even if you find another thing to do, getting 30-50$ a month takes maybe 5-10 minutes of surveys a day. If you decide to focus on surveys, you can probably nail 100-200 a month is fairly easy to reach.

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