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Monday, April 23, 2007

What are some LEGIT sites I can earn money online? -

I m 16 years old and wondering if there are any sites I can earn money from? Thanks!________Hello, lt;Addressing your main concernsgt; I believe your main concerns are that those self-proclamied websites such as or Treasure Troopers actually do what they promise - paying you what you earned from them. Well, frankly speaking, there are definitely some black sheep among the whites. So do a bit of research before you commit your priceless time into these websites. All these websites listed below are 100% legit, as what you are doing is just viewing advertisements (you don t get into trouble by watching Television advertisements right?) lt;Websites That Workedgt; I have started my online journey of making money 3 months ago and now I am getting a respectable amount of income from the various website I take part in. For example, you can try ( ), Neobux ( and Clixsense ( ), I have actually received payments from them, so they are trustworthy. lt;How These Sites Workgt; These sites are termed as Paid-To-Click, or PTC in short. PTC are websites where they require you to click on a particular advertisement on their website and allow the time to run for 30 seconds. After which, your account will be credited ranging from US$0.0125 to US$0.001. Daily, there are approximately 10-15 advertisements for you to click on. Doing simple math, you will get US$0.0125 X 15 X 30 = US$4.5 per month if you consistently click all the advertisements daily for a month. lt;Increasing Your Incomegt; This might seem like a dime at first. But this is where the genius of the website is. For each referral you make to the website, you will be earning what they are earning. For example, you introduce your buddy to, so you are his referrer. Everytime when he clicked on a advertisement, both his and your account will be credited with the same amount of money. Say, he do it consistently for a month, he will earn US$4.5, and you will earn US$9. Cool isn t it? lt;Other Site That Pays Onlinegt; There are other site which actually pay you when you make post about them in your blog - Pay Per Post ( ; and website that pays you when do use their search engine to search for stuff : My Homepage Friend, which uses Yahoo! search engine but pays - ( ) pss..I already earned 3 GBP from it just by using it to search for stuff. They employ referral system at their site too. lt;Getting Payment From Themgt; Different websites pay you in different manner. Some send in check, some require you to have a Paypal ( ) or Alertpay ( ) account, you can directly transfer fund from there to your main bank account any where in this world. lt;No Upfront Moneygt; All those sites I mentioned earlier requires no payment from you, which means it is totally FREE! All you need is to create a account with them. No credit card or whatever is needed. There you go, I hope you find it useful. Best Regards, Deltaswat Creator of Earn Money Online________Jane, There are many ways to make money online. The real trick is sorting out the legitimate money-makers from all the scams that are out there (many of which get listed at Yahoo Answers, I m afraid). There s a terrific list at eHow that gives more than 25 legitimate ways to make money online. The list covers everything from writing (articles, blogs), to selling photography, to (believe it or not) getting paid for online jury duty, surveys, and focus groups. There s even a site for making money listening to music and rating it, and another for playing online games. None of the sites in the article ask you for any money. And while they won t make you rich, you can begin to build up a respectable income. Check it out at: How to make money on the internet, scam-free The list is updated regularly, so you may want to check it once a week or so. Many of the sites do have age limits on who can participate, so you might have to get an adult to help you register. Two other lists worth checking out are these: Legitimate money-making sites Twenty Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online Good luck!________Some Sites pay you to see ads: Here are three different links, but they all lead to the same site 1. This is a link to a site where you view ads and fill out surveys, and earn points which can be used to buy anything that can be bought online. For example, i bought a 3 month xbox live gold card. 2. http://thrawnsguidetorewards1com.blogspo... This is my blog, which will help you with the website. 3. My youtube video, which explains everything.________This is the most genuine way to make money online that I have found. I have only used it for 3 days, and I know that this is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life. Hope this helps. is pretty legit, it s like a paypal system that is trying to build up a customer base so they pay you for referals. They used to give you $25 just to sign up , no strings attached, not sure if they re still doing that. You get $10 for everyone you refer though and can have it sent to you via check or transfered to your bank account. It s super cool and lets you earn up to $500 doing well, nothing. make money 2 months I ve made $675.00. It doesn t cost anything at all. Its a get paid to site and is very easy to do. The forum is a great place with many knowledgeable ppl willing to help out and answer any questions you might have. You don t even have to earn referrals this site allows you to buy them with pearls you win. You win the pearls by completing an offer.. playing a mini game where you choose between 3 boxes or 3 clams. After you have 8 pearls you can buy 2 unreferred members. You can always sign up and check it out and go from there.. check out GPT Cash Cow it s really neat.. like i hate when i hear about stuff and then i try it and its just a complete waste of time.. until one of my buddies got me into this site.. check it out, you get these things called quot;milkshakesquot; when you complete offers and you can redeem the milkshakes for money and then you get paid at the end of the month.. i just redeemed $10 sent to my paypal account________Trust me, I have done them all, but this one is the best! There is a site is called Yuwie ( It is a social network like myspace, facebook, etc. but the difference is, it pays you by getting page views on your profile plus if even more money if you refer friends!!! come on, register now and refer more friends!________Lots of people posted you false links here. I know many ways to make money online like niche and affiliate marketing. But I know very few sites to help you LEARN how to make those money. Maybe you want to check out Thirty Day Challenge - to see if you think it s good. I don t know honestly of a real better alternative. Hope this helped.________ has offers for money and if you sign someone up you get a 20% commision on there earnings and they actualy pay you to unlike alot of others just ask anyone if they ve been paid by cashcrate or treasure trooper on yahoo awnsers or look at the people who have alredy asked it the only people that say its a scam are people who havent tried it! Hope this helps________You can try designing your own t-shirts and stuff through,, or Just upload your designs then they ll take care of printing, shipping, payment, and everything else. If you re not very artistic, you can do some witty statement shirts which sell really well, too. For a bit of extra cash, try ...Just use it as your normal search engine (it uses Yahoo! Search by the way) and you ll earn some money for every search you make. It s a no-brainer. It s totally legit, no fees whatsoever, and you can choose to be paid through either Paypal or wire transfer. Hope this helps! :D

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