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Saturday, April 21, 2007

How can I earn money from doing origami? -

This may not be the right place to ask this question, but I love doing origami, and I was wondering how I could make money with this hobby. I see other people do it, and I want to know if I can also do it. Any suggestions?________Many you could sell things on the street, theyre homemade anyways, everybody likes homemade________Make table markers and place settings for baby showers or birthday parties? Offer those to people you know having parties. Or, make tiny cranes and make earings.________find somebody you actually know that makes some money from it and learn from them. Apprenticeship works in just about any skill or trade.________Have a Yard Sale! Seriously, if you have a festival or a Farmer s Market in your area, rent a booth for about $10 or $15. Get a folding table with a nice tablecloth, and set out all your treasures. The money will come. Origami is not an easy thing to do, so it is well worth the money.________Teach a class in origami with an assignment to fold a crane. Praise your student s who do well and for those who don t; ask them to try again. You make cranes too. Collect 1,000 and make a traditional orgami 1,000 crane mobile. Then hang it in a resturaunt that needs decour with a small sign telling of your project and classes with your phome nomber on it. It worked for me when I was doing stained glass. Try it.________Weddings. Go to all your local wedding hot spots and leave brochures with pictures of your works. Its best if you can get some photos of you pieces at an actual wedding. Chicks love butterflies and swans and anything else elegant. Think center pieces, candle holders, and anything else that would be decorated. Of course different colors, especially a silvery white. Beautiful. Can t you just picture children playing with beautiful home-made butterflies while running around a sunset filled reception. You re making me start thinking of my one day perfect wedding.... Shiney!________String together 12 cranes for a Christmas ornament and sell it at craft fairs. I bought one years ago with the colors of the rainbow on a silk tassel. Still love it, still have it.________This might be a long shot, but you could make your own quot;how toquot; origami book and sell it. Take pictures of your designs and include them in the book. If you know any friends who are Graphic Designers you could have them help you with the layout. : ) Its a long shot...and you might end up spending more than what you make. It s just a thought. I do like the class idea that the other person had. Good luck!________Perhaps you could make little origami beads, (like little spheres) and then make a small hole in them with a sharp pin, string them on a necklace, or for earrings or a bracket, and then make a nice little flower or butterfly for a pendant on it. You could try making those bead curtains with them also! and because you love doing this hobby, (even though this whole project sounds time consuming) people will be buying something totally unique, that couldn t get anywhere else, that you have made yourself with your own two hands. Also i think that they would look beautiful and many people would be interested in it. Get publicity by putting some on EBay, who knows, maybe in the near future origami jewelery will be worn by the fanciest Celebrates! Hope I ve Helped!~ Good Luck! :]

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