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Saturday, April 21, 2007

How do you earn money at 12 years old? -

It can t be to crazy cause i am not one of those people the will walk up to some random door and be like Can I moe your lawn for money. Help Pleassseeeeee!!!!!________The best way I know is to find friends,neighbors, and family who need work done. The same for your parents... Ask them if there is anything you can do to earn extra money. I have no doubt they have a few chores they would gladly pay you for. Most important is to let everyone know that you are looking for ways to quot;EARNquot; extra money. More people knowing that you are looking for work the more opportunities you will have to make extra $$. When I used to need extra money I would wash cars. I just put a sign out in front of the house saying car cash X dollars and all the neighbors would bring their cars over. Doing a good job inside and out made me a lot of extra spending money. Good Luck and Have fun!!!________Pet sitting or dog walking, lemonade stands/bake sales, etc. :)________Start a pyramid scheme among your friends________Why not ask?No harm in asking for odd jobs.I had a paper route when i was young.I asked people I knew to cut grass and rake leaves or shovel snow.________Because your a young lady you should have plenty of creative juices flowing mentally. Find some kind of craft that you enjoy doing and turn it in to a profit. Just get your ideas together i.e., what is the fad, what are the kids into, etc., and run with it. Talk to parents about funding your venture until you start making a profit and repay them. Your local arts amp; crafts stores offer classes some free, some for minimal fee.

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