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Thursday, April 12, 2007

How can I earn money rather than babysitting and cleaning around the house? Iamp;#39;m 14 so I canamp;#39;t work.? -

This is my story. I m going to NYC this year for Christmas. I had saved up to 300 something dollars. I lost this really really good camera I had and I couldn t tell my Mom cause she would get sooo mad. So I just bought another one secretly and used all my trip money. Now I only have 20 dollars! I don t know what to do...Christmas is coming really soon.________Perhaps you can try getting refunds by recycling. Pacific Coast Recycling in El Monte, CA does require an ID and containers marked with the CA CASH REFUND pay really good there. Pallets also pay pretty good for the 4-way ones, I ve seen prices advertised $1.75 per pallet in Las Vegas, NV. Of course I don t know where you live so If you re in the east coast, try looking In Michigan, Ohio or Pennsylvania. I just know the places here on the West Coast. If you can get a load of copper wire, strip that stuff, and with the money that stuff pays you ll be in NYC in no time!________After having a baby I stay at home and some of the ways I make extra money that haven t been mentioned yet is too find items that are in good shape either being thrown out or someone wants to get rid of and selling them on craigslist. Last weekend my husband and I cleaned out the garage and sold a few other things and made $700.________*Deliver newspapers. *Save all your change, you d be surprised how much that adds up! *Mow lawns/Shovel snow *Hold a garage/yard sale and get rid of all that extra clutter! *Wash cars________There are many other things you can do: - Yardwork (rake leaves, mow lawns, shovel snow) - Pet Sit (or pet walk) - Sell cookies or baked goods at school (only if your school permits this, however) You could also ask your mom or neighbors if there are any odd jobs you could do. If they ask why, all you have to say is that you want extra money for vacation. I m sure they d be glad to help.

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