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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Best way to earn money for a guniea pig? -

What is the best way to earn money for a guniea pig? What do i have to know about guniea pigs? Are they a lot diffrent from hamsters? Thx-Ashleyrox________If you go to an animal rescue or shelter you should be able to pick one up for like $5-$10. Look on somewhere like ebay for people selling more fancy breeds and stuff. And your last choice to look should be the pet store. If your old enough, you could earn some money, babysitting. House hold chores could earn you a bit. Gardening Car washing. Sell something. Hope this helps________Guinea pigs are NOTHING like hamsters. They are very high maintenance pets amp; cost so much money! If you don t have enough money to purchase the guinea pig in the first place, don t get one. You ll be spending hundreds of dollars on proper housing, toys, amp; accessories for the cage. Then you may spend well over fifty dollars a month buying fresh vegetables amp; a good quality hay amp; pellet. Don t forget vet appointments, which can add up to thousands of dollars in some situations! Remember, you shouldn t be raising money for a guinea pig , but rather raising money for two guinea pigs , anyways.________first read up on them go to , , and . Then write a report on them. Yes they are way different than hamsters!!________why don t you do things around the house (chores) and has for 5 dollars or 10 at the end of the week their not expensive at least where i bought mine he was only 25________Guinea pigs are very pricey. Just a bag of bedding costs $20 (and lasts for 3 - 4 weeks)! Get a job at McDonalds (you have to be 14, I believe).

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