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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How do i earn money i need some more hollister and abercrombie clothes help i need some money.? -

what can i do to earn money. my mom wont pay me for doing chorses it sucks! helllp________BABYSIT! i was considering that today. i mean you get like around $100 a week and you could get like a new pair of jeans and a top each week you get money.________i know how you feel my sister is like that :P babysit or work at an ice creAM shop such as dairy queen just shop at clearance at AnF and Hco dont buy full price, otherwise $100 is gone in ONE DAYY Report Abuse ________dont waste your money and those expensive stores then you would have more clothes. but if you must go to the sale rack in hollister. abercrombie prices are ridiculous!________Well, I don t know how old you are, but if your a teenager, like me, you could get a job at a grocery store, babysitting, petsitting, or dogwalking. And if you re really desperate, lemonade or hot cocoa stands. If your an adult, you are asking the wrong girl.

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