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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Can i make models for people using solidworks and earn money? -

I recently started using solidworks at my job to make models and designs of products that we are planning on manufacturing. When i stop working in the middle of august can i still earn money by offering to make product designs for other people over the internet, similar to how webdesigners design websites for others and get paid money. are there any forums such as this one where i can find customers and such?________That s a neat idea, dude. I ve never heard of this quot;solidworksquot; stuff, but I d be interested in seeing some pictures of what you can make with it. Do a web search for quot;design pagequot; or something relevant... and if there isn t one, maybe YOU could build it. Fill a need, get paid. Charge other designers to advertise on your site. Hire people to design for you. Sounds like fun. If you re not much of a web designer, farm it out. Try Good luck.________Well you could look on

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