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Friday, June 22, 2007

What jobs do you think I should do to earn money? -

I m a 14 year old and I was just wondering what jobs do you guys suggest that I could do in order to earn enough money to earn $250.________How about Tutoring? If you re really good at something $10 for an hour of tutoring might not be too bad. You do have to be dependable to do it, although you could end up with an employment reference from it, too. Ask your teacher or at the school office if they know of anyone who needs a tutor, or if you re good at band, your band teacher, etc. If there s a store nearby, you could bag groceries, work as an usher in a movie theater, you could apply at your school during the summer as a t-ball coach, or also work as a camp counselor for a summer job. There are a few things you can do at regular places of employment. Also, if all you want to do is just earn a little money, some of the more practical suggestions above might be worth looking into, too. The earliest age allowed for work is 14 years old (your parents have to get a work permit from your school for 14-15 year olds), but there are limits on how much time a company can allow you work: 3 hours/day with a maximum of 18 hours a week, during the times of 7am-7pm during school year, and during the summer, 8 hours/day, 40 hours week, from 7 am - 9 pm. You can use basic office machinery, but no dangerous activity, heavy trades work, power driven machinery or saws, no involvement with alcoholic beverages. I m not sure if there are any local laws in your area that are more protective. The statute reads that the more protective law applies. Here s a couple links to the State Department of Labor on the national statute. has suggestions that you could apply at: (the link to the page is at the bottom:) Hidden Job Market for Teens Disclosed in Employer Survey by lt; Return to Press Articles Huntington Beach, CA , -- About six out of 10 teenagers in the U.S. will be looking for a job this summer--and employers know it. That s why many of them don t feel the need to quot;advertisequot; their openings to teens., a national online job matching service for U.S. teenagers and employers, surveyed over 1,000 potential employers of teens. 95% of those contacted said they would not actively advertise to teens this summer although they had openings that teens could fill. Employers cite advertising budget cutbacks and the need to increase productivity with fewer employees. How s a teen to know who might hire them? quot;Ask!,quot; says Renée Ward, founder/executive director of quot;Go into an establishment and look for a sign that says they are hiring, or ask to speak directly with the hiring manager.quot; Places that routinely hire teens include; * Fast food and restaurant establishments * Amusement/theme/entertainment parks * Grocery stores * Hardware and building supply stores * Hotels and resorts * Golf courses * Gas and service stations * Clothing and accessory stores * Movie theaters * Park and recreational facilities * Day and summer camps * Childcare providers * Museums * Construction companies * Health care facilities quot;Teens should make sure they dress for business,quot; says Ward. quot;While nose and tongue rings might be cool among your friends, most employers still frown upon them in the workplace. And, be prepared. Have a profile or resume of your work, education and extracurricular activities handy to fill out an application. Complete the application neatly and spell words correctly. Employers want to see this type of attention to detail.quot; Other tips from include handling an interview. Always shake hands firmly with the interviewer. Smile, and make eye contact. Be positive and take your time answering questions. Answer in full sentences and talk about what you bring to the job. Brag about yourself and back it up with proof. Ward offers this final advice, quot;At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for the opportunity. Ask when you will be notified if you get the job. Write a thank you note to the interviewer. Follow up with the interviewer if you don t hear back within a week. If at first you don t succeed, brush it off. Remain positive and move on to the next possibility.quot; Good luck to you, and also, most places allow their employees to have a discount on their goods or services. Here s a link that should be helpful for you if you get an interview. can try reading emails I m not positive the age limit, but its free to sign up and all you do is login and click the emails. The top of the screen will say quot;Review off while we credit accountquot; and just wait till it changes to quot;Account creditedquot; and click the yellow bar at the top and move to the next. You won t get rich but it might help. Here s the link ---gt; think you have to be 16 to get a job in most states. you could do things like babysit, mow lawns/ shovel snow (depending where you live) chores for ur parents. little things like that.________You could also walk dogs and / or dogsit for neighbors and relatives. Sell some of your excess toys and games if you are allowed. My son and his friend baked and sold cookies to raise money so they could sign up for a hockey team and buy the equipment. They made a ton of money. They sold them to their teachers, other parents and kids and neighbors.________tow truck driver $60,000 a year________That s great your looking for a job .You could mow lawns,rake leaves,fix things for people ,paper route or babysit. Good Luck to you !________Baby sitting, which is what i would do. And remember its not like you will get that money wicked fast, it takes time. Or you can talk to relatives who own a business or work somewhere where you can help out for some extra cash.

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