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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What are jobs i can do to earn money to build a horse barn? -

well me and my friend need ideas because i want money to build a big horse barn. my friend wants money to buy a horse. can u guys list things we can do to make money.________What age group you are in will help determine what jobs you can do. But there are lots of things you can do to earn money. Babysit, dog walking, working as a groom in a barn, cut grass,clean houses, wash and detail cars, McDonald s, sit with the elderly,ect. The key is to find something you like and that you are somewhat knowledgeable about or something you are already good at but not getting paid for doing at this time. Good luck!!!!________babysit, dog walking, work in a stable,mowing lawns, borrow money? idk anything practiacly!________Well I take it since you are asking you aren t of legal age to even get a W-2 Job, which means you aren t old enough to legally purchase land, which means you won t be able to build a barn or stable any time soon. I ll be honest honey. You need a lot more money than just what it s going to take to build a barn. You re going to need to purchase enough land where you can house plenty of horse s and generate customers. That much land could cost you any where from $50,000 to way more than you think. And then after paying a ton of money to get all the zoning and surveying done and getting a bill passed to build on the land you would Then have to generate and pull together the WHOLE cost of the stables, arenas, driveways, fences, trailer parking, water, plumbing, and electric...which will run you more than $100,000 if not much more. Then of course you would need farm equipment- tractor, Gator, 4 wheeler, flat bed trailers. AND then you would need to cost in your bills- electric, water, septic, garbage, feed, and hay. Next you would have to determine business tax and property tax, on top of insurance for the horses and property. All in all, it takes years, ton s of loans and business experience to build your own barn. Better start flipping those burgers!________help out at another barn near by, babysit, house sit for people on vacation, find a part time job somewhere in your town... the list goes on and on, be creative! good luck!________Well you could babysit, clean houses, work in the yard for people, have a bake sale, a yard sale, a car wash, a dog wash, clean the inside of cars and like vaccum them to, and you could pick up trash and stuff like that. Hope this helps. I am trying to raise up some money to put a horse pen up so we can get a horse.________how old are you? Can you drive? Do you know what kind of budget you are talking about? How big is quot;big?quot; A 60 ft by 90 ft barn with 20ft ceilings can cost from $30,000 - $60,000 depending what you want to do with it, (put in stalls? Extra doors?) and where you live. 60 x 90 is about as small as you want to go if you want to ride inside, but if you just want a few stalls for your horses, you can build one, (or have it built) for any where from $6,000 - $20,000. So, what do to to earn money? Can you ride horses for other people? Clean stalls? Become a farrier apprentice and learn to trim hooves, getting them ready for shoes? How about braiding or grooming for shows? I know kids who have made a business out of mowing lawns, making some real good money at it. What about computers? If you are good with computers try advertising your skills in your area. You can make some decent money if you are skilled with computers. If you want to build a barn, you will need to generate more than just pocket change from babysitting or a lemonaide stand....but be smart, look at what the needs are in your community or neighborhood, see what needs done that isn t getting done, and then try to fill that need. Good Luck!

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