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Sunday, June 24, 2007

How can I earn money fast at age 14? -

I need to get money for a school trip to Europe. Though I live in a neighborhood where you can t babysit, not mow lawns or stuff like that and I have to be 16 to get a part time job. Any ideas?________Hey Try this site: gives some the best legit sites to earn money or free prizes(game consoles, gift cards and so on ) hope this helps good luck________Hi!! i am 15 years old and i made quite a good business here. How do i do it? well, here are the tips: 1. I use my knowledge ability to use my knowledge is by sewing.. i basically know how to alter my schoolmates pants as some of them prefer to wear tight pants. So, by altering and promoting this promotion, i am able to earn quite a number of people. Furthermore, I charged them at SG$4.50 and imagine, by having 10 people in a month. i am actually earning $45. 2. Becoming a Broker. can temporarily have a mini organiser. Example if your friends are planning a party and needed help to find materials, volunteer. but tell him or her that u will keep some profits. example, if i buy the materials for $15, i will charge my frien maybe $19. the $4 i will keep as my quot;energyquot; or quot;timequot; to buy those materials. 3. make a mini sale. ... sick of your garage?? to many things to be thrown away?? well, the best answers is not throwing them but reselling them. You can use those Recycleable things and modify tthem a little. then you can sell it at a cheaper price that you think is acceptable. sure, you will earn quite a lot of money if you publicise well with posters to notify your neighbours. i hope this ideas will help you in making money.. so have fun.. from, the expert________ I found a great Internet company - - that has created a product everyone can benefit from. They pay you while you work or play on your computer. All you need to do is keep their software - the FiestaBar? - active while you are online. They even pay you when your friends are using their computers. Unlike other companies, Cashfiesta gives you control over how much money you earn. They have an individual payrate based on the number of Special Offers you sign up for. As some of these offers are free, you can increase your payrate up to 33 times without spending a penny. It s free and easy to join and your privacy is completely protected. Here is the link, enjoy and happy money making. Check it out! Daryl Jay Eborda________Well, it’s hard for kids to find ways to earn extra money, I’ve been doing research for you and found this website: http://waysforkidstoearnmoney.blogspot.c... Also if you’re wanting to do surveys for money, this is a good one: http://fillinginsurveystoearnmoney.blogs... ________im not good at making money either. but i found this site and its a very good site. it is a survey site but they mail out your check to you. some surveys pay very well. one even paid me $7.00. and the best part of that site is that you dont need a credit card. yesterday alone i made $20. you only need to be 13 to use this site too www.cashcrate .com/765851 copy and paste that without the space. p.s. if you want to refer people you also get 20% of what they get. example if you get $100.00 and your referral gets $50. you will get $110 dollars

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