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Monday, June 25, 2007

Has anyone ever tried the internet surveys to earn money? -

Do they actually send the money to you? How does it work?________I use I get paid anywhere from $2 to $8 per survey and sometimes I try products for a little more. I have received a couple checks from them. I am sure there are other worthy sites, but never pay money to take surveys, those are all ripoffs________They link you with various surveys and once you compete them and they get confimation, you get paid. However - you are only getting a percentage of the amount they are actually receiving, which is how they make money. With thousands of people doing surveys, they clean up not having to do anything. Some keep current with payouts, some have screwed over their members and not paid them. You need to be very careful. Do not sign up with one that charges you anything to be a member. Also - for those that plan to spam: You can answer the question without spamming your sites here. Spamming and advertising your site violates the Answers TOS - and you will be reported as a violator - as well as turned in to your sponsor companies for violating their Anti-Spam policies.________hi i earning money from internet its true visit this site get full info u will earn more all the best

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