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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is there any way to earn money online? -

I am 17 and would like to earn more money. The problem is, I m having a difficult time finding employment in my small town. Is there anything I can do online to earn money? I ve googled this question and came up with the result that you can take online surveys that advertisers pay you to take. Is this true? Are they legitiment? Reliable? Is there anything else I can do?________Be ready for countelss online scams. Fox news reported yesterday that online scams have doubled from the previous year. The main victims - teenages thinking they can make money online. Consider every site a scam. But a book on someting hard from the bookstore and learn from it. Must better return on your investment. /________Try Google ad sense program to earn money online.________This is the best, genuine amp; FREE!! site for earning money easily through net. Payment Proof available!!! to take surveys? they take millions of years before you get paid because, an they are tiring: 1. in a month, almost just 1 or 2 surveys come up for you. 2. answering them is very tiring, i promise you.. ok, so the best thing you should do is to have a paypal account, you don t even need to be verified.. then, visit this link:, those survey sites are neither legitimate nor reliable. Basically you want to stay away from anything that seems to good to be true or anything that requires you to buy some kind of get rich quick book. If you really are willing to work hard to make money online there are 2 things that you can consider. Freelancing and revenue sharing sites. Freelance sites are basically work auctions, for jobs that you can do away from the site. So design, writing, engineering and such. The competition on those sites are high and the payouts are low. Then, there are revenue sharing sites. Basically you write articles on these sites, then you get people to come read the articles. The revenue sharing site gives you a percentage of the money made from your articles. The site and it s community teach you about getting search engine traffic and so on, because if you are successful, so are they. So it s a good stepping stone to having your own online business. Below I put a link to a list of freelance sites and a list of revenue sharing sites.


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