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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I want to be an internet sex webcam model to earn extra money for school. Would this hurt my future career? -

It is all done on the internet and there is no contact. This is a legal way to earn money. I want to be a teacher and eventually and professor, will this cause me to have problems getting jobs in the future?________It s not worth it. You will scarfice your future career by doing this because once the information/pictures are online they are never truly gone. And if you are working in the educational system this will not be tolerated even if it was during your wild college days. The money might be tempting and you make be able to rationalize the behavoir now but 5 years from now it will not be ok. And moreover if you do continue down this track it will be something that you might regret as you get older. Sometimes it is harder to do the right thing so before you decide to go down this track think about what you really want in your life now, 5, 10 years from now and make sure you make decesions today that support your future goals. best of luck to you________It depends on what career you re are looking to go into. I personally try not to knock anyone s hustle. Just as long as you aren t looking to make a career out of this sort of thing then I don t see the problem. Most of these people are college girls by day - strippers and escorts by night. Report Abuse ________Webcam Model Studios http://www.webcammodelstudios.... has detailed infomation on becoming a adult webcam model which may help you answer any related questions you have. Report Abuse ________IT problem would as on the other end of the web can,he s probably photographing you. BUT STRIPPERS AND LAPP DANCERS HAVE A LOT OF COLLAGE GIRLS.BIG PAY AND EASY HOURS.________Yes, this would be a career killer and a huge mistake! Why would you choose this as a way to make money?________theres other ways to make money! But think of this you do this by cam and showing your face and down the future you are teaching and someone reconizes ur face then they go to the school w/ it i bet it can hurt you in the future________Yes, this could hurt your future career as a teacher. Unfortunately, teachers are held to a higher standard than most. If someone found pictures of you in compromising positions, you could be fired or denied access to work because of them. I have heard stories of women who were denied access to work because their myspace pages featured pictures of them holding beer cans and low cut shirts! If you really want to go this route then I suggest wearing a mask or hiding your face in some way. Or do the live shows and make sure no one records images.________If anyone finds out about it who is involved in hiring you, it very possibly would. It might be legal, but in many circles would be considered as sleazy.________If you do something like that and then hope to be a teacher it s not gonna work out. At some point in the future someone will find those videos or whatever while your teaching and they will come back to bite you in the *** cause people will claim you re not fit to be a teacher. It s not worth it to lose your job because of something you did to make money to get that job. So think of a different way to make money.________im pretty sure this isnt the best way to earn extra money. even though it might be legal, there are ways of tracking these sorts of things down...prob not the best way to start of ur career as a tracher________idk if your question is a joke or not.. but i think the only way it would hurt your career is if a student or teacher recognized you and hated you enough to report you.. i had a teacher once who voluntarilly told the class how she used to be a stripper and what her name was and all that and she is still teaching at my old high school.. so i dont think it would really hurt your career..________yea dont do that that would be bad. Just get a loan and ull be all set. It ll just ruin ur future and u wont be able to get any decent jobs that u probably would want.________ummm, if your future students see that it will set a really bad example for them and you probably will be fired. There is an episode of Dr. Phil where he has an ex-teacher on who was fired because he had a music video of his band on myspace that showed some nudity and used the f-word. I wouldn t take the chance. I would either choose between being a teacher and shaping young minds or the stripper thing. The choice is yours...________Probaly no one like that kind of girl. They might instead get you know with you________This free E-book will help you get started with making money online. It s a free amp; easy download so you might as well check it out - I thought it was really good!________i definitely think it would hurt your career. if your e going to be in education, just think of how your future students may regard you if they find that footage etc., your district may fire you for something like that.________A teacher is obligated and expected to be of sound moral character. And, there is no way that someone sitting on a school board, or making a decision on tenure, or a principal, or a concerned parent is EVER going to consider a teacher who did a few internet sexcam modeling stints as being of sound moral character. There is far too much to lose if you do this. All it will take is for one person to recognize you from those days as an internet sex webcam model and your future career could be in the toilet very quickly. Find a different way of earning money.________God loves you. He loves you. He died on the cross for your sin and shame. He has a wonderful plan for your life ahead of you. He does not want you to fall into the way of the world, living a sinful life but he want you to have a personal, loving, relationship with him. God sent his son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your sin, my sin, everyone s sin. He want us to come to him in repentance and experience the living water. He want us to be pure. Not dirty life. God loves you. He loves you, more than anyone else on this earth. Go check out: quot;Four Spiritual Lawsquot; on yahoo, or google.. Read it couple of times. Hope you make decison to believe in Christ. He loves you and you will never regret.. Once again, God love you. He loves you.


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